Cargo pants in modern fashion

Cargo pants are quite complex and ornatehistory. And it takes its origin even in the first half of the twentieth century, or rather in 1938, when the military uniform of the British army decided to improve slightly. First of all, the cargo pants were distinguished by the presence of additional pockets: one in front, one side and one in the hip area. This turned out to be very practical.

cargo pants
A few years later on the charms of such pantslearned and the US military, but initially they were issued only to paratroopers. A few years later, this practical model was chosen by workers, university students, fishermen and builders. Thus, these trousers went from military to working clothes, gradually improving and changing. They were very popular among teenagers. And only 1990 can be designated the year of this revival of this model of trousers.
women's cargo pants

Now, cargo pants often flash in fashioncollections of famous designers, it is even appropriate to wear them in combination with a jacket. It is believed that the style of the Cargo is a branch of the military style, and this is actually so. But for today, in particular, the men's cargo pants are absolutely independent style. Each designer adds to these pants some of their elements and often additional pockets no longer carry the former functionality, but only are a kind of design element. I like the style of military and cargo designers, and because such clothes are very convenient and practical. It can be worn at work (if the existing dress code allows), for picnics, just for walks or while shopping.

Typically, cargo pants are trouserswide cut mainly from natural fabrics. In rare cases, synthetic ones are added to give more elasticity and strength to the pants. Often the combination of designers style of Cargo with a vintage style. For this, the aging effect is used, which gives trousers a certain flavor. There are restrictions on the color of such pants. Usually they are executed in yellow, olive, dark gray and dark green tones. By the way, before the color range of cargo pants were more restricted. Now even camouflage colors are used, which practically erases the line between the style of the cargo and the style of the military.

men's cargo pants

In a separate row it is necessary to put cargo pantswomen's. Thanks to these convenience, the female part of the population also began to wear cargo pants. Of course, women's pants differ not only in size. Cargo pants for women differ in their variety of colors, elements of decoration and tailoring. Most often, women's pants of this style are sewn with a low waist. The true women of fashion know that you should not wear such camouflage-type pants. To highlight the style of the cargo, it is better to choose any other color. Cargo trousers are popular with women not only for their variety of models and colors, but also because they can be picked up for almost any occasion. This style is very popular among women for everyday wear. Especially invaluable are such pants for young mothers, who have limited time to take care of themselves, and want to dress not only comfortably, but also beautiful.