On how to make beautiful holes on jeans

Jeans - this is an indispensable component of anywardrobe, whether it is female, male or child. It is convenient, practical and versatile, because they perfectly match with any style in clothing. Shapes, styles and colors change. But for many years, a few sloppy stylish jeans with artificial scuffs and holes do not lose their relevance. If your goal is to follow fashion and always stay in trend, then you simply have to acquire such.

how to make beautiful holes on jeans

In order for them to appear in your collection,it is not necessary to shell out for big. For this purpose, your old, shabby, already bored jeans will go well. And how beautiful to make ragged jeans, this article will tell.

To begin with, it is necessary to clearly imagine thatexactly you want to receive. It is possible to place holes on any part of the trousers. Especially interesting and stylish were always considered to be quite natural slots on the knees, as well as in the field of the back pockets. You can make just a few cuts, and you can decorate your jeans with small cuts along the entire length of the trousers. Thanks to this treatment, your most common jeans can become a sexual thing, exposing your knees, and possibly other parts of the body. Do not limit your imagination. Experiment, trying to observe feelings of taste and measure. If you follow the recommendations on how to make beautiful holes on jeans, then soon without unnecessary investments and great efforts you will become the owner of a stylish thing. By the way, the tips of this article can be useful if you want to make old jeans shorts with torn edges.

Action plan is planned. Deciding how to make beautiful holes on the jeans, we proceed to the main part of the process. To begin with, it is necessary to put something under the part of the jeans that is to be processed, which will be convenient to work with and at the same time protect the opposite part from damage, for example, a board or some plastic or metal plate. Then follows the process of creating slits. They are best done with a stationery knife or a nail scissors. To achieve a more realistic effect, several incisions need to be made, trying not to damage the longitudinal threads. Then, with the help of tweezers, a hook for knitting, or just simply carefully remove all unnecessary threads.

how beautiful to make holes on jeans

Being interested in how to make beautiful holes on jeans, it is necessary to take into account that in the process of socks, the holes can increase, so do not cut at the entire width of the trousers.

After creating a slot, you should process the edgesthe resulting hole, giving them a kind of natural wear. To do this, you can use a pumice stone, a metal float or sandpaper. By the way, with the help of these items, in addition, how beautiful it is to make holes on jeans, you can create a fashionable natural abrasion, without resorting to cuts.

To enhance the effect of natural abrasion of the edgeThe resulting hole can be clarified, for example, with conventional bleach. To avoid discoloration of the rest of the surface of the leg, bleach must be applied to a dry product. Make it more comfortable with an old toothbrush. Having received the necessary degree of clarification, bleach must be washed off.

how beautiful to make a ragged jeans

That's all about how to make beautiful holes onjeans. Do not forget about the final processing of their new trousers with fashion holes and scuffs. They need to be washed and again, now in a wet state, thoroughly rub the treated areas.