Men's pants for stylish and strong

Men's pants are a key elementwardrobe for men. It is difficult to imagine a modern representative of the stronger sex, in the closet of which there is not even a pair of pants. We owe their appearance to the ancient Persians. This garment was created for the convenience of riding on horses and was so liked by men that gradually conquered the whole world. But in Russia fashion for trousers was introduced by Peter I. It was he who was a fan of European fashion. Since then, domestic clothing manufacturers and designers are working on creating more fashionable and modern models, trying not to yield in any way to their foreign counterparts.

Pants for men

The most popular types of pants include classic trousers, sports pants and jeans. This is the basis of modern wardrobe.

  • Classic pants. They must choose the correct length and fit. The length of the leg should be equal to the middle of the heel of the shoes. Combine this type of trousers can be with a jacket and shirt, creating an office style. Or make casual-image, if you combine men's pants with a polo, a turtleneck or even a T-shirt. In this outfit you can go to an informal meeting.
  • Jeans. It is such a popular kind of pants that it can rightly be called the No. 1 among its "companions." Virtually no known fashion designer has not bypassed their attention. Jeans are the most versatile object of the wardrobe, they can not be dressed except for a wedding. Combine with almost any top. But these men's pants are important to choose good quality. Otherwise, their service life will be very short.
  • Men's riding breeches
    Sports trousers. Designed mainly for sports or active recreation. It is better to buy products of famous brands that specialize in creating sportswear. They take into account all the needs of a man who actively moves during training. At their tailoring special "breathing" fabrics are used. And winter collections are made using high-quality fleece and other materials, so that even the fastest snowboarder or skier is not frozen.

Fashion 2013

For several seasons, pants remain in fashionnarrowed male. Thanks to this style, each owner of long legs will be especially attractive. But among sports models, the modern youth is not the first season to choose men's riding breeches. This style is free from above and gathered on an elastic band from below sports trousers. They can have large pockets, which is likely to appeal to a modern young man. More mature and respectable men should still give preference to the classics and not get carried away with too unusual styles. But in the classical style, you can play with color and choose for yourself, for example, trousers of olive or light beige hues. It all depends on your preferences.

Men's pants
But jeans in this season is unusualextravagant. The more slits, pockets, stripes have men's pants, the more stylish their owner will look. White jeans will be very relevant this summer. Another fashion trend is the lapel pockets at the bottom. And this detail has appeared both on man's, and on female jeans.