What to wear with leggings: skirts, leggings, jeans, shorts

Gaiters are very stylish and fashionablean accessory that can diversify your style at any time of the year. Let's find out together what to wear with gaiters and how to combine clothes. It all depends on which style you prefer - individual, romantic or another. Are you ready for creation and creation? Excellent!

What to wear with gaiters

Under what to wear leggings: skirts

You like to wear a skirt, but are afraid that your feetwill freeze in winter? In this case, the ideal exit is leggings. Remember the basic rule: the longer the skirt, the shorter the leggings, or vice versa. For a romantic image, you can try on a mini-skirt. It will create a unique style of casual. And the other, denim, is a sporty, easy image. Decorated items (with velvet, lace) perfectly match with black, long gaiters and shoes on a long hairpin. Be sure to remember that the color and material of things should not contradict each other. Otherwise, the image will look awkward, untidy or tasteless (knitted leggings can not be combined with a bright, silky skirt).

What to wear with leg warmers: shorts, jeans and trousers

It should be properly worn blouses, pants, skirts withsuch a fashion accessory. For example, for warm knitted sweaters, the same knitted leggings are perfect. For tunics and dresses they should be more gentle and light. Well, we already sorted out the skirts. The following question arises: "How to wear gaiters with jeans, shorts, trousers?" We answer.

Gaiters with skirt

Shorts are always ideally combined with gaitersregardless of the time of year. In summer, you can put them on your bare leg, and in colder weather - on pantyhose. Denim shorts look great with monophonic or colored and bright leggings. Choose and experiment with your individual style. Try combining tights, warm stockings (you can call it our accessory), shorts and even shoes, picking them in color. This way you can find out what to wear with the gaiters to give brightness to your image.

Under what to wear gaiters

Also perfect with leggings are pants andjeans. Only they must be narrow. Jeans can be combined with any accessories - both crocheted and lighter. But when combining them with leggings it is necessary to exercise caution. Consider the color, shape, structure of the material.

What to wear with gaiters in the cold season?

If you wear pantyhose with them, then your image will come to lifeand will become much brighter. Do not overdo it! If you go wrong to this important business, then you can completely "kill" your fashionable style. It's not just the texture of things, but the color. For example, black, brown and gray leggings look great with colored pantyhose (white, red, green). And quite the opposite pattern, when you decided to wear colored leggings. Pantyhose should be more calm, muffled and dark in color. Today it looks very fashionable when leggings and tights have one color, but differ only in texture. For example, blue pantyhose perfectly matches with blue gaiters, but leggings should include lace, knitting and other accessories.

How to wear leggings with jeans

Thus, we answered the question "what to wear with leggings". Do not be afraid to experiment with your wardrobe, learn from stylists, designers and on your mistakes!