With what to wear ankle boots summer

According to an old tradition, such shoes asankle boots, was specially designed and made for the Queen of Great Britain by Her Majesty Elizabeth II by the famous cobbler of the time Roger Vivier. Their name comes from the English word "ancle boots", which means "ankle". But in the process of time the word "butyli" changed to "ankle boots". Botillions are exclusively women's shoes, it's like an average compromise option between boots and shoes. In their height, they reach the calves: somewhere around three-fourths of the shin and at the same time they strongly rest on the ankles.

Recently, ankle boots summer, winter andDemi-season attracted the attention of famous designers and they can now be found in almost any collection. Here you can give an example of Roberto Cavalli, Nina Ricci, Gucci, Calvin Klein and others. Also very popular were ankle boots with an open nose. This model becomes an ideal option for a warm spring or the first days of autumn, when it is already cold to wear summer shoes, and boots are too early to wear. They perfectly replace in this case shoes with an open nose and a little in a flirtatious form emphasize femininity. Many Hollywood stars immediately appreciated their uniqueness.

Another type of such shoes are ankle boots ona massive platform, and very relevant here is the combination in one model of a large stable heel and a high platform. For such shoes, there does not necessarily have to be a classic heel shape, the option, when it tapers from the bottom to the bottom, can be much more interesting. In various fashion collections are very popular with ankle boots with a sharp toe. Each designer focuses on the shape of the sock, giving it a slightly rounded shape or a pointed triangular shape. It is actual in ankle boots and never giving up its position classic. Ankle boots of classic style, ending on the ankle, make the female leg graceful and sexy.

In order for you to always look stylish andbeautiful, you need to know what to wear ankle boots. First of all, ankle boots are black. The jacket of the same color will suit them well, which will balance and visually supplement the image. In this form it is fashionable to go to a party, if you add a clutch bag to the ensemble.

If you wear summer botilions in combination withshort dress, you can not forget that in this combination they may look rough. In this case, a shorter leather jacket can help visually smooth out the image.

With botilions are very poorly combined curvyvolumetric skirts, so this option is better not to combine, if only you are not afraid of shocking. Also, the skirt does not fit to the middle of the shin, this combination disrupts the proportions. To get into the top ten, it's better to wear summer botilions with shorts or a short skirt.

In duet with ankle boots look greatStretch jeans, advantageously emphasizing the length of your legs. Just remember that they need to fill in boots, and not vice versa. Feel free to choose a version with tights or leggings, which is classic. This combination can be used without hesitation.

To each woman the combination is suitable: short black dress, plus black pantyhose, plus black ankle boots. Excellent, they will also look and barefoot leg without pantyhose or trousers. In this case, a light tan and a black dress will make your image even more spectacular.

However, do not put these boots onofficial events. They can perfectly approach your fashionable cocktail dress, but they can not win any competition with refined sandals or neat boats.

Original and tasteful look understated boots. This model makes your legs visually even longer and slimmer. It fits perfectly with a pencil skirt or dress.