Fashionable and comfortable Geox sneakers for the whole family

Sneakers are classified as a comfortable andcomfortable casual or athletic shoes. But sometimes they cause great inconvenience to its owner. In models of shoes from unscrupulous manufacturers, the foot does not breathe at all, it often sweats regardless of weather conditions and other factors, is constantly in a moist environment, as a result of which the foot fungus may even develop. It is these reasons that have become the prerequisites for the creation of a completely new trademark Geox, which produces moisture-repellent and breathable sneakers for the whole family.

Brand History

The Geox brand is an Italian brand,airproof and moisture-repellent shoes and clothing made using the latest technology. The firm was founded in 1995 and the first that it began to produce, just had sneakers.

geox sneakers
The idea to make shoes that the world has not yet seen,came to the mind of the founder of the firm Mario Polegato three years earlier. When visiting one winery conference, the Italian was so sweaty his legs that he even decided to make holes in his sneakers that could fulfill the function of ventilation. Returning home, Mario began to study modern technological materials that could make shoes air-blown, but at the same time so that it does not get wet. He even had to get acquainted with the device of the cosmonaut's spacesuit. But the result was worth it. Soon, Geox sneakers turned the idea of ​​people about comfortable shoes for active sports and recreation.

To date, the Geox brand is one of thethe largest manufacturers of clothes and shoes for the whole family. Representations of the company are open in more than 100 countries of the world, where over a thousand specialized shops operate. The brand continues to develop, introducing the latest developments in production and continuing to use modern materials in the manufacture of sneakers.

What is unique about Geox sneakers

The advantages and unique features of Geox sneakers are as follows:

  • Presence of high-tech, breathablemembrane, which allows the foot to breathe, which is especially important during active sports. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that when the foot sweats, sweat through the membrane immediately outward, providing a dry leg. At the same time, the membrane does not allow moisture to penetrate into the shoes. That's why Geox sneakers do not get wet even in rainy weather.

geox men's sneakers

  • Flexible outsole provides perfect grip and good cushioning.
  • The unique technology of the Net Breathing System, which is used in the manufacture of the sole, also provides additional air permeability.
  • Most of the developments the company conducts independently in its own research center, and this once again confirms the uniqueness of Geox shoes.
  • The company constantly carries out improvementsquality shoes. For example, compared to the sneakers released three years ago, new models are six times better than air and three times more retain moisture.

Geox children's sneakers

Sneakers for children the Italian manufacturer produces in three styles:

  • Active;
  • Casual;
  • sports (Sport).

geox children sneakers
The main feature of each model of sneakers isthe presence of a membrane that provides the necessary level of thermoregulation and maintains a natural microclimate inside. As a material of top modern synthetic or combined materials are used, and for an insole - exclusively natural. Geox sneakers for children in most models are fastened with Velcro: to securely fix the feet and the convenience of kids who do not like laces so much.

Dimensional mesh assumes the presence of sneakers with20 to 40 size. A wide choice of colors allows each girl and boy to choose high-quality shoes to their liking, which will necessarily satisfy the requirements of both children and parents.

Men's and women's sneakers Geox

No less interesting models are offered by the manufacturer of footwear for women and men. Geox sneakers for them are produced in two lines:

  • for Sport;
  • for everyday wear.

Each series is represented by a wide range of products.

geox female sneakers
Geox women's sneakers are made fromNatural leather with inserts of artificial materials and textiles. All models have a stylish modern design and are manufactured exclusively on the basis of a high-tech membrane.

Geox men's sneakers with perforated soleperfect for active training in the gym and running. The membrane will allow the foot to always remain dry irrespective of whether it is rainy and damp outside the window or too hot.