Choose fashionable men's shirts with long sleeves

It so happened that the wardrobe of a man is muchless diverse than female. However, watching the rapidly changing trends, we can conclude that in this winter season, eminent designers turned, it would seem, ordinary men's shirts with a long sleeve into one of the most stylish items of clothing. They are an integral part of the business suit, they can be worn independently. You can unbutton the top button, in solemn cases they are put on with a butterfly or a tie.

shirts for men with long sleeves
In the season 2013-2014, famous designersoffer several styles. The most common are classic men's shirts with a long sleeve with a traditional collar, without it, with a stand or in the style of a military. You can choose any model to your taste and depending on what event you plan to go to.

In 2014, fashionable men's shirts, whose photoscan be seen on this page, in classical strength will be quite appropriate in the office, at official events, parties. As a rule, these models have a collar. They need to be worn with a jacket and trousers. Despite the fact that these samples have a strict appearance, they look very stylish. The most popular in this season will be shirts of white, black and with a barely noticeable cage.

Not all representatives of the stronger sex likebusiness suits. For them, designers offered men's shirts with a long sleeves without a collar. Those who want to look manly, you can stay on the style of the military. In this season, men's shirts with long sleeves of gray, fawn and blue spruce are especially popular. Models in this style have patch pockets, shoulder straps.

men's shirts under cufflinks

This year, in addition to traditional shirtsfabrics, wool, thin knitwear, denim and leather are used. Some manufacturers have offered this season transparent men's shirts with long sleeves. In winter, thin sweaters are worn over them.

Men who prefer Casual style,You can look at the models in a cage or strip, and perhaps with an abstraction or a floral print. Such clothes are quite appropriate for a walk, date, party, etc.

It is obvious that in the wardrobe of businesspeople should have men's shirts under cufflinks. It is important to learn how to choose the right one and, of course, to wear this accessory. It is well known that the smaller cufflinks, the more elegant and expensive they look. Correctly matched, they will make a decisive emphasis in the image of a man.

fashionable shirts for men
The shirt under the cufflinks is different from the usual modelscuff construction. Usually it is French or double type. These are two layers of material, which, when folded, are held together by a cufflink. This shirt is perfectly combined with a business suit.

Cufflinks are preferable to wear with a white shirt(but certainly with a double cuff) or with a smart shirt for an evening suit. In this case, it may not have a double cuff and, naturally, there should not be buttons. It is necessary to observe a strict rule - cuffs should act no more than on one and a half centimeter from under a sleeve of a jacket.

It is believed that a shirt of the "French" type should be worn under the road business suit, and for evening gala reception is more suitable shirt with a Viennese or combined cuff.