Your Clothes

A new brand of fashionable clothes has appeared on the marketRussia in the summer of 2001, and by the end of 2002 the first store with the same name had opened in Moscow. Since then, and began a large advertising company brand. On television, began to go commercials with cute, fashionable, self-confident young people on the most rated youth channels. Today, after a few years, one can make an unambiguous conclusion that the brand of YOUR was held in Russia as a brand and actually competes with such well-known international brands as Mango, Sisley and Benetton.

Your style and your clothes - all this began to havevalue in the assortment. The basis of it was knitted clothing made of cotton with the addition of polyester, lycra and elastane, as well as 100% cotton. Your style is characterized as "sport and casual", all these jackets, sweatshirts, jumpers, dresses, trousers and T-shirts are great for casual wear, as well as for outdoor activities and sports. Democratic styles and simple lines, characterized by this direction in the performance of YOUR, acquire additional seductive details: lightnings, pockets, stylish inscriptions.

MIKIE YOU particularly liked the youth of 14-28 years old,they are also the main fans of the entire range of this fashionable clothing. However, older people who are accustomed to lead a healthy lifestyle will find here a lot of interesting things for themselves. The company produces two collections each year: winter-autumn and spring-summer, but there is a monthly replenishment of the assortment, which many other brands do not do. Your clothes, chosen in YOUR, will always satisfy your taste with their great color scheme. If you like blue or pink colors, and they are not in vogue today, you have to choose between green or classic black color offered by popular brands.

In the case of YOUR, this can not happen, sincemany models are produced in a variety of colors: cranberry, pistachio, wheat, apricot, cognac, khaki, curry, traditional always white and black, and this is not a complete list! Reviews about clothes YOUR quality and pricing policy show that the clothes themselves and the unusual approach to the customers' requests give their undoubted positive effect. In this brand is a lot of unusual. For example, young designers, developing clothes, give each model its unique name. It's boring to call: "Trousers number 1". Much more interesting will sound "Champion" or "Beauty".

Your clothes from these popular collections are alwayswill have sonorous and vivid names. For example, pants-cargo "Scheherazade". These pants are now at the peak of fashion, but they have one significant drawback: they are fuller fuller, and they make the low ones visually even lower. But in some incomprehensible way in the performance of YOUR trousers look great on any figure. This undoubted advantage leads them to the sales leaders. The trousers "Fairy Tale", "Juno" and "Alabama" have the same popularity. The men's collection includes the Sokol jacket, the Sydney Olympics and the Predator sweater.

Your clothes in the performance of the brand are orientednot only on the advertised parameters of 90-60-90. There are excellent fashion models for small and large, thick and thin, the presence of sizes XXL and XS here is the most common thing. The products of the TVOE brand are produced by Russian enterprises of a large Russian knitwear holding. Qualified specialists were able to preserve all the best traditions left over from the Soviet period and time-tested. The whole process of clothing production is a closed technological cycle, which makes it possible to fully control the production, quality and pricing conditions of products. It is impossible not to note the distinct corporate style of the shops of the TVEE brand.