Where to buy high-quality jeans in Moscow: TOP-5 stores

Modern Moscow is a city of contrasts. Along with expensive branded items of ideal cut you can see poor-quality clothes that are unlikely to last for one season. One of the most popular questions among representatives of all generations is about where to buy quality jeans in Moscow. That's why I hasten to offer you an overview of several stores with reasonable prices and really decent products. Ready? Then let's begin.

where to buy high-quality jeans in Moscow

The chain of clothing stores NewYorker definitelylike the younger generation. Large selection of male and female models of jeans, including "non-standard" models - torn, artificially aged, colorful (for example, green or bright red). Prices - within 1-2 thousand rubles.

NewYorker stores can be found on Manege Square (house number 1, page 2, m. "Teatralnaya"), Leningradskoye highway (house No. 16-a, p. 4, m. "Voykovskaya") and at Presnenskaya embankment (house # 2 , m. "Exhibition").

«Gloria Jeans»

Another option, where to buy quality jeansin Moscow - the network "Gloria". Mostly in the stores there are children's and teenage models, there are also things designed for young boys and girls. If you are looking for jeans for your child, then in Gloria you can really find something good for 450-1000 rubles. For older children, adolescents and young people, jeans are offered for between 700 and 1,500.

Addresses of the stores "Gloria": Leningradskoye highway (vv.5, 2 nd floor, Khimki), Bolshaya Serpukhovskaya (house number 45, 2nd floor, Podolsk) and Y. Flier Street (house number 4, 2nd floor, Orekhovo-Zuevo).

Tom Farr

buy jeans in moscow

If you are looking for where to buy quality jeans inMoscow, take the time to visit the store Tom Farr. From the local choice, eyes really run up. In Tom Farr you can find not only male and female jeans, but also other clothes: jackets, shorts, etc., made of denim. Among other things, models are presented with scuffs, colorful and with exclusive drawings. Usual jeans can be bought on average for 1300-1900 rubles, artificially aged - for 2-3 thousand, and for models with a picture you will have to pay a little more than 3000 rubles.

Find stores Tom Farr can be found at: Ordzhonikidze (house number 11, metro station Leninsky Prospekt), Olimpiysky Prospect (house number 16, page 1, 2 level, m. "Suvorov Square") or on the 84th km of the Moscow Ring Road (vv.3, page 1 , m. "Altufievo").


One of the most famous clothing chains in the world. Models for every taste, both female and male. The cost of jeans in LTB is higher than in the above points. But if you are looking for where to buy quality jeans in Moscow, the best option for you is not to pick up. There are male models up to the 36th size and women's up to the 34th. On average, the prices are in the range from 1900 to 2-3 thousand rubles.

If you want to visit the LTB store, you canDo it on Khamovnicheskiy Val (house number 34, m. "Sports"), at the point on the street. Ordzhonikidze (house number 11, metro station "Leninsky Prospekt") or on the Dmitrov highway (house number 89, metro station "Petrovsko-Razumovskaya").

wholesale jeans in moscow


Perhaps the best option for those who want jeansBuy in Moscow, paying a reasonable price and remaining contented quality. In the "Kiabi" models are offered for women, men and children. There are multi-colored jeans, as well as denim jackets and skirts. You can buy a stylish and good quality clothes for 900-1500 rubles. In the children's department you are waiting for teenage models, jackets, sarafans, vests, dresses and overalls of denim - all in the range from 300 to 1000 rubles. There is a department of large sizes - up to 68th male and 60th female. In the department for future mothers, you can find jeans at 1300-1500 rubles. There is an opportunity to buy jeans in bulk in Moscow.

Shops "Kiabi" are located on the street. Vavilov (house number 3, metro station "Leninsky Prospekt") and highway Enthusiasts (house number 12, 2nd building, 1st floor, m. "Aviamotornaya").

And which stores do you like most?