What to wear with a pencil skirt? Tips for stylists

what to wear with a pencil skirt

What to wear with a pencil skirt?At least once in a lifetime every woman asked this question. By the way, do you know that this thing takes an honorable place in the closet of every fashionista already since 1940? It was then that fashion designer Christian Dior enriched the beauty industry with another great idea. Today, there is a straight pencil skirt for everyone - from a senior student to yesterday's graduate working in the office, and a mature, held business lady. All stylists agree on the idea that this garment is one of the components of the basic wardrobe. To explain this is not difficult: the skirt is suitable for any type of figure, while emphasizing its advantages and concealing its shortcomings. High "slender" she visually increases the hips, creating a nice roundness, and "dumpling", on the contrary, visually stretches, lengthening her legs and smoothing her tummy. Pencil skirts with high waist are very popular also because they easily fit into any style - business, romantic, kezhual, bohemian.


Before you tell what to wear witha pencil skirt, it is necessary to emphasize that the thing is sewn in a variety of variations. It is believed that the classic "pencil" differs length to the middle of the knee and tapering downward silhouette. The hips should be tight. The colors are mostly dark - black, gray, brown; fabric - dense. Recently, however, the question what to wear with a pencil skirt is complicated by the fact that on the shelves of shops there are more and more new models: with an overstated waist or understated, with basques, inserts from other materials, decorative elements such as rhinestones and embroideries, pockets and folds. It should be noted that if you are going to wear a skirt, as they say, "both in a feast and in peace", it is better to give preference to the most neutral version of the classic cut and muted tones.

skirt pencil with high waist

straight pencil skirt

Choosing an outfit

So what to wear with a pencil skirt?It depends first of all on what image you want to create. If you are successful self-made-women, active and business-like, then the skirt should be tight, it's good to keep the shape and not to catch your eye. You can complete the ensemble with black or corporal pantyhose and slipper-shoes on an average heel. As a "top" will suit a strict shirt or short jacket. Do you want to smooth out excessive severity? Replace the shirt with a loose silk blouse or tie a bright scarf around its neck.

Casual style

In case you purchase a skirt for daily usesocks, you can show imagination. For example, how do you like the product made of leather? It looks provocative, but very elegant. You can wear it with jockey boots and a fur vest. Gloves from thin leather to the elbow will be the finishing touch - in this form, do not be ashamed to go on a merry walk with friends, looking on the way to the cinema, restaurant and even a museum. In general, the brighter the color of the skirt, the more informal it becomes. Especially brave young women even choose skirts with print, combining them with all sorts of tops, T-shirts, and in the cool season - with voluminous knitted sweaters.
As for shoes, the preference is rightly given to the heels and platform. Ballet flats, sneakers and moccasins should be put aside until you wear jeans.