Fashionable men's sneakers

Sneakers are the most popular shoes in the world,which is in the daily wardrobe of almost every person. However, they do not always have to do with sports. Men's sneakers are worn regardless of age, they are put on for a walk, for sports, for a date, for work. It's just a matter of form, design and color.

Men's shoes
Shoes that had a rubber sole had a name"Canvas shoes". It was worn at the end of the 18th century. These shoes were rough and primitive to the touch and were not divided into left and right legs. Once such shoes became the prototype of modern sneakers. Soon, shoes with rubber sole got the upper part of textile, lacing, reinforced cape and rose to the ankle. It was very soft and comfortable, but the steps of the person who carried it were audible. Because of this, American men's sneakers were called "snickers" - steal up, sneak. This new type of footwear greatly reduced the likelihood of stretching the feet, in addition, it became simply necessary for athletes.

Men's sneakers as a separate shoesappeared in the United States at the turn of the 19-20 centuries. In 1917 the company Converse released the first footwear, created directly for basketball. They were all-Stars sneakers. Since 1924, such shoes have been produced in Europe. The brothers Rudolph and Adolf Dassler created a family company, the Dassler Footwear Company. Then it split into two well-known firms specializing in the manufacture of

winter men's sneakers
sportswear (Puma and Adidas). So the foundation of prosperous brands was laid successfully. The rapid development of the industry of quality sports shoes began. The producers had a real struggle for customers. Men's sneakers began to rapidly gain popularity. Soon they were no longer referred only to the sportive kind of shoes.

Sneakers for sports

Sneakers 2011 men's are designed for both sports and everyday wear. Consequently, they are available in a huge range.

Manufacturers are trying to ensure the convenience of thisshoes: increase the strength of materials, reduce weight. For example, for the best results of athletes in shoes, all kinds of damping systems are built in and ergonomics is thought out, so that the person feels comfortable and at the same time reliably protected from various injuries.

men's sneakers
For any sport you need to select your shoes. So, for sports, taking place in the cold season, it is worthwhile to choose special winter men's sneakers. Preference should be given to models from the skin.

Now there are different kinds of sneakers for any kind of sport: basketball, tennis, football, cross-country, for fitness, etc.

Do not forget that quality and goodshoes should be bought in branded stores. If you do not professionally do sports, then you do not need to chase after the latest innovations. It is worth remembering that shoes should not be tight or too loose. It is important to choose sneakers by size, which will relieve you of discomfort and protect against all kinds of injuries. Convenience is the main criterion in the selection of sneakers.