Banana trousers - a "fruity" trend of fashion

Countries of the East gave Europeans a hugenumber of innovations and pleasant discoveries: incense, spices, various natural cosmetics and wardrobe items. It may seem strange, but it is thanks to the eastern residents in the wardrobe of modern women of fashion appeared banana pants. The history of their development has more than one century and roots deep into the colonial ownership of Central Asia by Europe. It was then that the first conquerors saw on the men this wardrobe item, which was called dhoti.

banana pants
Originally it was a piece of matter thatTurned around the hips and thrust between the legs forward, fastened to the waist. Gradually this fashion was adopted by women. The times of the colonial era have passed, and the attributes of the East have come down to us, turning the everyday subject of the Hindu people into a bright component of the wardrobe of modern mods. Dhoti is simply called banana pants. This name is not for nothing. After all, its shape - wide from above and narrowed downwards - trousers resemble this edible fruit. Another type of dhoti is riding breeches.

Back in the 80s of the 20th century the top of the stylewas the presence in the wardrobe of this model of pants. Fashion changed, and these trousers were replaced by cloves, pipes and straight pants. However, at the present time, the capricious lady of tastes has again turned in the direction of long-forgotten models. And thanks to this, once popular pants-bananas returned to everyday life. Women's variations of these pants are as beautiful as men's. Of course, the style over time has undergone significant changes, incorporating new features and elements. Any person can now choose their pants to taste. In addition, there are a huge number of variations that help to choose a model that fits the individual and takes into account all the features of the structure of the figure.

pants banana women
Modern pants-bananas for women preserved andold trends. For example, women of fashion can emphasize their narrow waist, using such trousers with a high fit. This will also visually extend the legs and make the figure more slim and elegant. Representatives of the fair sex, who can not boast of having an "aspen" waist, will stop their choice on bloomers with a modern low fit.

Combine banana pants with other itemswardrobe can be completely different. It all depends on which model of trousers you plan to purchase. So, the classic options are appropriate to combine with shirts, tucked inside and elegant tops. However, stylists do not advise to complement the pants with bulk sweaters and shirts.

pants men's banana
Sports pants can be combined withmikami-alcoholics and blown vests. You should pay special attention to the heels - this particular footwear is the best friend of the classic "fruit" bloomers. It is not recommended to wear the item described by the wardrobe to girls of short stature and plump complexion, as these pants visually shorten the legs and even slightly compact the figure.

Not only womenhave the opportunity to flaunt in society, putting on banana pants. Men's trousers of this model are very popular among the strong half of humanity. Combining and combining them with turtlenecks, different shirts and shirts, you can find an image suitable for office, walk or club party.