Trousers for women 2011 - fashion trends

In the old days pants were exclusivelythe subject of men's clothing. A woman in trousers could only be seen in eastern countries, where this garment was one of the main elements of a female national costume. In Europe, the first woman, who found the courage to dress in men's trousers, was the famous writer, Georges Sand, who lived in the 19th century. After that, the popularity of trousers in the women's wardrobe grew and at one point women even decided to take away from the male half of humanity the right to use such a convenient and practical garment individually, thanks to the new emerging "unisex" style. This style allowed wearing wardrobe items of this direction at the same time as men and women.

But then the women went on and the current fashiontendencies began to extend to beautiful exclusively women's pants. Therefore, women's pants in 2011 absorb many trends that have already been popular in the world fashion, but have not lost their relevance in our days. For example, Capri pants, made in the style of the 60's, are also riding breeches in the spirit of military trends or direct wide models in the style of the 70's. In addition to these trends, fashion designers do not ignore women's original classic trousers and leggings. Such models of trousers are an excellent legacy of the style of minimalism.

Trousers for women 2011 are created by designers fromnatural or processed materials, it is cotton, linen, leather and tweed. This season is very popular shortened models with an oval silhouette. Such models are very suitable for slender and lean girls. If a woman's figure corresponds to the type of "hourglass", then such models are suitable for shoes on the heel with a complement in the form of a jacket with a wide line of shoulders. At the moment, women's pants 2011 are included in almost all the famous designer collections. If we consider these models, then there are different trends. For example, the designers recommend pants with a low waist, not tightly fitting the thigh line. In addition, the girls look fine in trousers of short length, which can be adjusted with a decorative lapel. Optimal in this case will be the length of trousers on the ankle.

This season, fashion trousers will have a littlebaggy look, here the fashion insists on various free styles. Possible flare from the knee and flared from the hip. Women who aspire to convenience and comfort, will not remain indifferent to models with the presence of side pockets. Also popular now are women's pants 2011 with pleats on the belt. However, a large number of free styles does not mean completely giving up the models of narrow trousers. Remain a very fashionable trend of tight-fitting models-tights. In the week of fashion in France in many collections presented there were classic women's pants with high waist, trousers with fringe on the side seam, leather tight trousers with elastic bands from below.

In the current season in the fashion collections thereclassic black trousers. He was replaced by gray, beige and brown. The elegance and refinement of women's pants can be done with the help of various belts and straps. Remained popular this season and the style of military, which gave women trousers, riding breeches. According to the color scheme in the 2011 season, preference is given to gray and dirty gray color, steel, brown, dark green, and purple. The advantage of women's pants is their wonderful versatility, as they perfectly match with any top, whether it's a gentle chiffon blouse or a knitted warm sweater. The only thing you should not forget about when choosing trousers is about the same style in clothes, so that the items of your wardrobe are combined, not contrasted with each other.