How and with what to wear sneakers? Stylish tips

Not so long ago, the sneakers were exceptionally athleticshoes. Their appearance was associated only with school physical education lessons and shapeless sports pants ... Who could have known that they would suddenly fall into the very peak of fashion, becoming an attribute not only of sportswear, but also of other youth styles? As usual, "the new is a well-forgotten old". And there is nothing surprising in the fact that this fate touched the sneaker. Now they can be found on the street almost more often than other shoes. Modern sneakers are perfect shoes for walking, for a party, and what can I say ... they can be found even in combination with clothes in a business style.

with what to wear sneakers

With what to wear sneakers

As already mentioned, these shoes can now be worn in combination with almost any clothing.

with what to wear high sneakers
In addition to the usual classical sneakers, various modifications have appeared, such as:

  1. High sneakers.With what to wear high sneakers? Here, fantasy is almost unlimited. High sneakers - a kind of sports-style boots. They can be combined with tight jeans, a skirt or leggings. Jeans, of course, need to refill - it will be an ideal fashion solution, which, in addition, will make the legs longer and slender. The length of the skirt in combination with high sneakers has no limitations - it can be either mini or maxi.
  2. Low sneakers.In addition to the classic combination with sports pants or jeans, they also found application in other styles. They are now worn with skirts of various lengths. Ideally - with denim shorts or a skirt.
  3. Models on heels or on a high platform.Why wear sneakers with a sole so unusual for sports shoes? Having a look reminiscent of classic sneakers, they have a completely different purpose. These are, rather, shoes that have an extravagant, eye-catching appearance. In addition to combining with not less shocking jeans, as a rule, with strong abrasions, they are worn with miniskirts, shorts and even with cocktail dresses of the appropriate style. Here the main thing is not to overdo it in a variety of colors and accessories.
  4. Insulated sneakers.From the name it is clear that this is the same shoes, only with a warm, often fur lining. With what to wear sneakers that can warm in the cold, it's understandable, because it's sports shoes for the off-season. They are worn with narrow trousers in combination with a jacket or coat.
    how to wear sneakers correctly

How to wear sneakers correctly

Keds are universal shoes.As mentioned above, almost all-season, and also having a definition - unisex. Age limits for wearing a sneaker are also quite wide: from childhood to mature. Women of a large complex should abandon them - all the same it is better that such shoes look on people of a sporting physique. This is due to the fact that the sneakers are able to emphasize some shortcomings, such as, for example, short or full legs. If you have these minuses, you still decide to wear them, you should think carefully about what to wear sneakers, giving great importance to the correct selection of shades and styles of clothing. A huge number of color solutions of shoes, presented in the modern market, allows you to diversify your appearance, not forgetting the need to combine shoes with a common style of clothing.