How to tear your jeans beautifully at home to get attractive holes

Everyone has long known that fashion can bebizarre and very strange. In order to follow modern trends, some buy or sew new clothes, while others simply tear it. But it is worth saying that both are fashionable, sexy and shocking.

One of the modern trends in clothing areholes on the jeans. Stars and stars, which are world famous, have long been flaunting in ragged trousers. This fashionable thing in the wardrobe can have everyone. You just need to know how to tear your jeans beautifully at home.

how to tear your jeans beautifully at home
On the one hand, it seems uncomplicated.However, in every case there are nuances. Let's figure out how to tear your jeans beautifully at home, so that each hole looks tempting and sexy? First of all, the entire process must be properly planned. Before tearing the trousers, it is necessary to examine the material from which they were sewn. If jeans are thin summer or warmed, made of fabric on fleece, then they should not be allowed to work. Highly artistic holes are obtained only on medium density material.

The jeans you choose should bethe desktop. Before the beginning of the process on the fabric, it is necessary to mark those places where it is supposed to make holes. For these purposes, a tailor's chalk is suitable. When marking, one should take into account the fact that, in the course of time, the gaps become wider, since part of the transverse threads diverges. In this regard, when planning holes located along the entire length of the pants, you should provide for a sufficient gap between them. This is especially important to remember and when marking the gaps in some special places, for example, located directly under the buttocks. On the knees, it is better not to make a mark. To do this, you need to use places located slightly higher or slightly lower.

Getting to the task "how to break the jeansbeautifully at home, "you need to take two pieces of plywood that you need to put in each of the pants." For this purpose, the cardboard, which must be very dense, to prevent through cuts, is also suitable.

How can I tear my jeans, with what tools? It is most convenient to make holes with a scalpel or a clerical knife.

how beautiful to tear jeans photo

Quite a lot of ways of howit is nice to tear jeans (photos show the final result). For example, you can make each of the sections triple. This means that along the length of one label there are 3 holes with an interval of 0.5 centimeters.

The answer to the urgent question of how to tearjeans are beautiful at home, can mean other options. Do not forget about ethical norms. In the upper parts of the trousers, do not make too wide a gap. A lot of holes will look uneasy. You can transform jeans by making horizontal cuts in the form of squares. Original and interesting will look their arrangement in checkerboard order. Jeans, as a rule, do not tear vertically. However, there are exceptions. It all depends on the flight of your imagination.

how can I tear my jeans
At the end of the work, the slots are processedpumice stone, used for the feet, or sandpaper. After that, dust and small threads should be removed. To obtain highly artistic holes, it is necessary to wash the jeans in manual mode, placing them in a specially sewn gauze bag. For these purposes, you can use an old pillowcase. In order for the slots to look even more interesting, it is recommended to bleach the fabric around each hole with bleach.