Chinos are always fashionable!

Chinos are free, light and very comfortableTrousers made of durable but light cotton or linen. Today, these pants are not inferior in popularity to jeans, and they can be found in the wardrobe of every self-respecting fashionista. What was the reason for such an urgency of the trousers of the chinos? First, they are practical. Secondly, they are convenient. Thirdly, they can be worn on events that are completely different in nature and can be combined with a wide variety of things. Such pants sit freely, they do not limit the person who wears them, in movements. You can wear them with any footwear, if you pick everything right.

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With what, in general, you can combine this style trousers?

Chinos are pants that are easily combined andWith a shirt, and with a knitted sweater, and with a jacket. They can be worn under a T-shirt and under a blouse. However, it should not be forgotten that at a very formal event such clothes will not do. Chinoses look slightly careless, but this is their main highlight.

Pants chinos - this is an ideal option for the summer. They are light and comfortable, they will never be hot. In addition, in summer it is better to choose light shades, and the light trousers of such a cut always look simply stunning.

According to historical facts, this model saw the light a century and a half ago, but it became popular only recently.

What are the chinoses?

Chinos are loose, baggy trousers,narrowed to the bottom, slightly short (ideally, between the leg and ankle should be 5 cm). There are models in which the legs are rolled up, in others the fabric is simply cut. It is interesting that initially (many years ago) pants were made narrower, not for beauty or style, but for saving fabrics.

Chinozas with what to wear
The main advantage of these pants -universality. If you asked "with what to wear trousers of chinos", relax, since the question is simpler does not exist. As mentioned above, they can be worn with almost anything. To create a harmonious image with the pants of this style, you should remember only the standard rules for combining colors and elements of a certain style. The created style and image will also differ depending on which fabric the trousers are made of. Pay special attention to accessories, taking into account the negligence and versatility of the trousers of the chinos, decorations should be selected appropriate.

Who can wear a chin?

with what to wear pants chinos
With what to wear, sorted out. Now as to who can wear such pants. Here everything is more complicated. Stylists recommend wearing chinos slim high girls, as well as fashionistas of medium height, complementing the image with shoes on the heel. If you are a girl with magnificent shapes or short height, you should give up this outfit, as he can visually shorten the legs and draw the attention of others to what is best to hide. Nevertheless, variations of this style today are so diverse, and the ability to play with flowers is so accessible that experienced stylists will certainly pick up the trousers of chinos for absolutely any figure. The main thing is not to be afraid to experiment, constantly improve your appearance and feel comfortable in any situation. Trousers of chinos will certainly help you with this!