What to wear with a pleated skirt: tips for women of fashion

A huge number of girls and women do notrepresent their wardrobe, both festive and casual, without the skirts of a variety of models. Some fashion is out of fashion, and they have to be forgotten, and others are included, and women, rushing off, run to the store to please themselves with another novelty. In recent years, the attention of the fair sex has attracted pleated skirts, and this is not surprising, because they make women not only more attractive, but also give their image a special airiness and lightness. However, it makes a huge difference what to wear with a pleated skirt in this or that case or to create a certain image, and here it is important not to be mistaken.

Going to the office, a woman can wear a shortPleated skirt with a turtleneck or blouse. It is important that the top is tucked into a skirt. If the weather in the street does not allow you to dress so easily, then you can put a jacket on top, but it must necessarily be fitted and not too long. Do not forget about color combinations, for example a black pleated skirt is perfect for a yellow top.

Long pleated skirts
For a hike to work, long pleated skirts and a top in the form of knitted sweaters, chiffon T-shirts and not too frank tops will also suit.

Not only business women are asking aboutwhat to wear with a pleated skirt. For example, to walk around the city or go shopping they are best combined with leather jackets, knitted cardigans or denim jackets. If the weather pleases with pleasant warmth, then an excellent "company" pleated skirt will be top or sleeveless.

A pleated skirt will also be appropriate in the creation of an evening dress. For this purpose

What to wear with a pleated skirt?
it is best to choose a chiffon model and choose a corset, a lace blouse or an open top. The upper part of the evening dress can be decorated with embroidery, beads or rhinestones.

Often women, wondering whatwear with a pleated skirt, spend a lot of time on choosing the right clothes and completely forget about shoes, and this is no less important. After all, shoes should be selected depending on the particular style of the pleated skirt and the place where the lady goes. For example, for a walk ballet shoes or slippers are perfect, and for a hike to work - shoes or sandals with heels.

Long pleated skirt
Thinking over the question of what to wear withpleated skirt, you can not ignore the accessories, which can complement any image. Selecting accessories, it is important not to overdo it, because the long pleated skirt itself is a fairly bright element in any ensemble. You can wear pleated skirts with thin straps or waist bands. Suitable and wide belts, decorated with rhinestones, embroidery or paillettes, but they need to be worn below the waist. As for costume jewelery and other ornaments, you can do without them, it is quite successful and interesting to combine textures of fabrics, for example, wear a light chiffon skirt with a jumper of large mating.