Multifunctional tactical pants. Benefits

Tactical pants were originally created foruniforms of specialized units and the army. But today they are actively used by amateurs to play paintball, fishermen and hunters. Due to the increase in sales, they became available to everyone, which is quite justified, since the pants are practical and do not constrain movements. Dense fabric is one of the main advantages, it does not pass moisture and is resistant to various temperatures. Also worth noting is a comfortable cut, the optimum for intense training and running. Men's tactical pants have a wide belt and reliable, roomy pockets. Not always this kind of clothes looks aggressive and has camouflage coloring. In the stores are models in the urban style, they do not have bulky side pockets, and the tail is more similar to everyday pants.

tactical pants

Army American Pants

Clothing of American manufacturers is not producedonly for military units. This equipment is used in guards, law enforcement agencies, special services. Sewing pants from different types of materials, including cotton. So, there is the possibility of selecting the required thickness of the fabric. In this tactical pants perfectly protect against bad weather and moisture, due to the use of a special processing composition. American companies are trying to take into account the wishes of consumers and produce not only practical and quality clothing, but also having an attractive appearance. These trousers have small neat pockets with excellent capacity.

men's tactical pants

Military German trousers

Tactical pants of German manufacturersare the most common in the market. One can not doubt their quality, taking into account the fact that they were created for the outfit of the German army. Moleskine is a fabric used for sewing, considered one of the most reliable types of materials. The fabric has a small thickness, but despite this, the trousers withstand any weather conditions and remain comfortable. They retain the same color and shape with prolonged wearing and frequent washing, which indicates their durability. Conveniently placed pockets are closed on special puffs and buttons. The main advantage is to seal in places most prone to wear. They do not tear in the seam area with intensive movements and are protected against abrasion. You can wear tactical pants with both a belt and suspenders.

trousers with knee pads

Tactical pants with knee pads

There is a protective system of pants made of nylon lining on the lower leg, plastic removable knee pads and an additional lining in the buttock zone.

Knee pads are attached and adjusted by nylonslings, which allows you to choose the optimal location for a person of any weight and height. In the fixed state they do not rub and do not cause discomfort even with a long toe, which tactical removable knee pads can not boast. The design features assume the constant presence of an air volume gap in the knee zone for circulation during movement, which increases ventilation and heat exchange in this region.