How nice to tear your jeans to be fashionable?

Fashion always surprises with its quirkiness. Some people buy new things to look good, and some tear old ones to pieces. It should be noted that the second option is very much acceptable in our time. On the question of what kind of jeans are now in vogue, we can safely answer that not so long ago ragged jeans came in fashion, in which all the world-famous stars and starlets go proudly. And what is worse, we are a simple people? Nothing! The main thing is to properly arrange the holes, so that it looks shockingly, sexually and interestingly. It's about how beautiful it is to tear jeans and this article will be discussed.

how beautiful to tear my jeans

Not everything is as simple as it would seem at firstsight. Chaos needs to be able to create. First you need to determine the type of tissue. Thin summer jeans and winter boots for that matter do not suit. Medium-density fabric is needed.

After the old jeans with the necessarytexture of the fabric found you can proceed to simulate that very chaos. Lay out the jeans on a flat surface and use the chalk to mark the places where you want to make the cuts. It should be remembered that over time, holes will become wider, because the tissue will diverge. Therefore, it is necessary to leave a margin between the slits, and make holes as sparingly as possible in spicy places. In order to make a hole in the knee area, it is better to cut it under or above it. It will look more interesting.

Before you start cutting, put it in eachpant leg board, so that ultimately did not turn out ugly through cuts. For cuts, it is better to use a new clerical knife, as this will reduce the risk of injury, and the cuts will be more interesting. You can cut your jeans using a triple cut, that is, on one label you need to make three slots. Once the holes are ready, it is necessary to treat the edges with a pumice stone. This procedure will help to get rid of dust and small ugly threads. Just do not rub it too hard. It can spoil everything.

what jeans are now in fashion

In order for the slots to appear morenatural, jeans must be washed. They need to be washed in a special gauze bag or in an old pillow case, so that their service life is longer.

There is another wonderful method of how beautifulbreak the jeans. Even the old pants can be updated with the most ordinary manicure scissors. To do this, it is necessary to pull out the vertically arranged strings with a sharp tip of the scissors of this type. After this procedure, jeans should be washed before wearing.

There are a huge number of ways howit's nice to tear jeans, but the above are the most simple and affordable. You can still advise to treat each of the holes with bleach. This will give jeans naturalness and novelty. With this treatment, care must be taken to ensure that bleach does not get on the back of the trousers. To avoid this, put a protective plate inside the leg.

cut jeans

Being fashionable is very simple! It is only necessary to include your rich imagination and create real beauty with the help of improvised means. Why spend money on clothes, if you can update your wardrobe yourself? Now you know how to tear your jeans nicely. All in your hands!