With what to wear turquoise trousers: fashion trends, interesting ideas and recommendations

Fashion trends change from year to year.But there are things that remain forever in the women's wardrobe. With what to wear turquoise trousers and how to combine them correctly? First you need to figure out who this color is suitable for and with which items of clothing it is properly worn.

All shades of turquoise

The uniqueness of this color is that it will look good on any girl. To understand what to wear with turquoise trousers, you need to choose the right shade. There are several types:

  • Pale turquoise. Very gentle and light shade.
  • Turquoise blue. Bright and lively shade, it is used as decorative elements in clothing. And also combine with subdued tones.
  • Bright-turquoise color is similar to the summer sky. He cheers up and brings a little bit of enthusiasm to his clothes.
  • Turquoise color, like a natural stone. It carries a feeling of freshness.
  • Medium-turquoise color is quite calm. It is most often used in clothing.
  • Dark turquoise shades are deep and attractive. This color is emphasized in more contrasting tones.

Choosing clothes of turquoise color, learn how to combine it correctly with other elements.

Turquoise and white

With what to wear turquoise trousers to work or a date? Of course, with a white blouse. This combination is ideal for an office or, conversely, a summer outfit. The set looks good on dark-haired girls.

with what to wear turquoise trousers

The white top will make the trousers brighter.To create such a set on your feet, put on beige shoes with high heels. Supplement the image with sunglasses and handbag in tone. On a cool day, you can throw a white jacket over your shoulders.

Turquoise and black

Bold girls often choose bright images.With what to wear turquoise pants to emphasize their color? The right decision will be the choice of black top, shoes and accessories. This combination is suitable for both everyday and for the evening image.

how to wear turquoise pants

For example, turquoise trousers made of light materialwill look very gently with a black silk blouse. To complement such a kit will help a thin strap and a small handbag. To make an image frivolous and laconic, add a white detail.

Stylish and no less fashionable will be a combination of narrowed turquoise trousers, black, slightly fitting, T-shirts, sandals on a heel and a small clutch. On hand, you can wear a gold thin bracelet.

Turquoise and shades of red

Not always this combination is harmonious.The surplus of red looks extremely ugly. How to wear turquoise trousers and look harmonious? In this set of red color should be quite a bit. You can wear turquoise trousers and blouse in polka dots, you will get an interesting retro image. If the top is just red, add multi-tiered beads around the neck.

With orange, the situation is much better.If you choose lighter shades of it, then you can safely put on turquoise trousers. With what to wear such sets of clothes? In the summer, complement the image with sunglasses, wide belts. On a cool day, put on orange gloves or a voluminous scarf.

Turquoise and pink

This combination looks gentle and romantic.Put on an elongated shirt with a light pink tint, and there will be no question of what to wear with turquoise trousers. Fashion trends allow completing sets with massive necklaces and wide-brimmed hats.

turquoise trousers with what to wear

Everyday summer outfit is created from a combination of bright turquoise trousers, peach-colored shirt and sandals in tone. We select a handbag, beige, on a long strap.

With the turquoise harmoniously combined purple things. Kits are suitable for summer and autumn.

Turquoise and beige

Spring color is ideal for thiscombination. The warmth of beige shades will make turquoise a bit fresher. In this set of clothes, gold accessories and pearls are used. With what to wear turquoise trousers to create a business image?

For office suite you can wearlight beige classic shirt. In order to give a strict look alongside, we select a blouse that is darker, brown. Complement these images with accessories of coffee shades.

Turquoise and gray

Thanks to this combination, a very warmand a gentle set. Against the background of the gray top, it is immediately clear what to wear with turquoise trousers. Recommendations stylists boil down to the fact that this outfit will look stylish and expensive.

with what to wear turquoise trousers recommendation

For an everyday set we put on straight,shortened trousers, a white blouse made of cotton, and over it - a gray sweater. We complement the image of the necklace. Legs with leopard print fit well on their feet. They will give the style a little boldness.

Turquoise and yellow

The most cheerful set is obtained froma combination of these two colors. This outfit is suitable for a party on the beach. If you wear turquoise trousers with a yellow T-shirt and sneakers - you will get a sporty and fashionable style. Choosing more gentle shades, you can collect a set for a romantic date.

with what to wear turquoise trousers fashion trends

Supplement the image accessories will help: we put on a wide-brimmed hat, and on the waist - a golden-colored belt.

Shoes & Accessories

The choice of shoes should be approached very carefully. Turquoise is combined with almost all colors, so we select shoes based on the image.

  • For sports trousers, straight cut, choose sneakers or sneakers. Moccasins of coffee shade will look stylish.
  • For a romantic image, sandals on a heel or slippers with an open toe are ideal.
  • For office wear black classic shoes. They will add to the image of femininity and elegance.
  • If you have a lot to go, in the summer choose ballet shoes, and in demisezon - ankle boots on the wedge.
  • We supplement any image with a handbag on a long strap - they are now very fashionable. In the summer wear sunglasses - an accessory will not only protect the eyes, but also emphasize the dignity of the face.
  • Hats remain in the trend is not the first season. The main thing here is to choose the right color and suitable model. Hat, like glasses, protects from sunlight.
  • Do not forget about the manicure. The turquoise color of the trousers of the nails, painted in coffee or yellow, is emphasized.

With what to wear turquoise trousers, every woman of fashion decides herself. Choosing the right clothes and accessories, any girl can create kits for work or appointment.