Contradictory shoes - sneakers on a wedge. With what to wear?

One of the most revolutionary novelties in modernclothes - keds-sneakers on a wedge. They are destined to become cult, this is definitely understandable. They will go down in history the same way as their ancestors - ordinary sneakers. It can not be said that sports shoes were not tried before before to "put" on a more feminine sole (for example, on the studs, as was the case at the beginning of the "zero" ones). However, these experiments failed then. The result of such a crossing, if included in the wardrobe, then for a short time and not massively.

sneakers on a wedge with what to wear
And with these sneakers everything happened differently. Wherever you look, everywhere your feet flit in trendy boots! And you can meet them both in the super-expensive and fashionable area of ​​the city, and on the outskirts of the bedroom. "Snickers" (so tasty they are called) all ages and social strata are subject to! True, they buy them at different prices, but from this they do not become less desirable, beloved and cool. These shoes - in itself a bright accent in the wardrobe. With what to combine sneakers on a wedge, with what to wear, to emphasize your trendy and trendy "bow"? Stylists say that, despite all their inconsistency, they can be mixed almost with any clothes. Unable to "snickers" to spoil any style - that's why they are loved by girls and women all over the world.

Keds on the wedge. With what to wear?

To begin with, these amazingshoes-sneakers have a special charm and magnetism. The combination of a sports top and a refined bottom-wedge make this shoe incredibly sexy, and the legs in it look insanely tempting. In addition, the presence of lifting visually makes the legs longer.

women's sneakers on a wedge
As a result, the girl looks more slender, light andlong-legged. Female sneakers on a wedge come in summer, winter and demi-season variants. They can be trimmed with fur, trimmed with thorns, belts, rhinestones, be printed, etc. It depends on the design and seasonality of what to combine the sneakers on the wedge, with what to wear them. Summer "snickers" perfectly harmonize with shorts, short and long dresses, skirts and sarafans, narrow and wide jeans, elks. As for invoices, these sneakers are "friendly" with lace, cotton, and silk. Such a game on the contrast of fabrics forms a highlight in the girl's general "bow", which, undoubtedly, is also the virtue of snickers.

Keds on the wedge. With what to wear and where?

The same stylists say that sneakers on a wedge are appropriate almost everywhere. They can be sent to the red carpet and to the nearby market.

shoes sneakers on a wedge
The main thing is to combine them correctly and to chooseappropriate design. There are "snickers", for example, glamorous, there is a military style, there are more cusual or more sporting. Depending on this, they can go to study, and in cafes, and on business, and in the evening at the club. If it's cold outside, then you can put on sneakers on a wedge with a short coat, a leather jacket, a raincoat, even with a natural fur coat! Excellent, if in the wardrobe there are several pairs of snickers performed in different styles. So, by the way, make many fashionable beauties. Such shoes - sneakers on a wedge - many consider teenage, however photos of a street fashion speak about other state of affairs. "Snyers" are loved by all the representatives of the weaker sex, regardless of age and social status!