Corduroy jeans and their relevance

Corduroy jeans are popular both among women,and among the male population. These trousers are simply adored by office workers, since they are strictly forbidden to wear jeans with a dress code. The soft and elastic corduroy sits well on the figure and is unpretentious in the care.

History of popularity development

corduroy jeans
Initially corduroy jeans were conceived as clothes for street workers. This was due to the heat-saving properties of the material. With the beginning of the cold season, everyone switched from denim to velveteen.

Comfort and convenience have become a catalyst for the fact thatover time, these pants appeared in every man. And soon they became a favorite outfit and in a women's wardrobe. And now they are with great pleasure include in their fashion collections of famous designers. On the catwalks, the mens jeans Levis and Montana are shown. The choice of models is amazing with its variety: loose and narrowed, on an elastic band and without, and also different lengths and shades.

What is it common to wear trousers made of corduroy?

Corduroy jeans are very relevant in the autumn-winter period. They can be combined with any outer clothing. Wear with jackets, down jackets, vests and coats.

women's corduroy jeans
Business-women combine these trousers with monophonicblouses. And the shirt should be tucked into the pants, this will give the image austerity and officiality. You can complement the outfit with fashion accessories. You should choose jeans shoes with low heels and a belt of contrasting hue. It will be appropriate to have a strict jacket and an elegant jacket. But do not pick up things from corduroy in tone to trousers.

In everyday life, pants can be combined withknitted sweaters, long cardigans, tight-fitting turtlenecks and unusual blouses. They can be worn for a walk, a date, a job and a trip to nature. Women's corduroy jeans look amazing with tight tops and T-shirts. From above you can throw a short jacket or jacket.

Fans of bright colors should confine themselves slightlymuffled shades of trousers and choose velvet jeans of burgundy, purple flowers. The top should harmoniously blend with the bottom. Preferably choose contrasting colors or shades in tone pants. It should be remembered that the top should be made of simpler and lightweight fabrics than corduroy trousers.

When should I not wear velvet pants?

corduroy jeans for men levis
Corduroy pants are a bit tricky. This is due to the peculiarity of the material visually expanding the figure. Therefore, they are recommended to wear to slender women. But ladies with magnificent forms should, whenever possible, refuse to wear these trousers. If, of course, they do not want to add a few extra pounds to themselves visually.

It's hard to deny yourself the pleasure of wearing warm clothesand comfortable jeans from corduroy. But in this case pyshechkam should avoid bright shades, and give preference to dark colors. A slightly adjusted figure will help flared models with pockets.

By the way, velvet pants and overalls are very popular with pregnant women. Future moms appreciate them for the convenience, comfort and warmth that they give in the winter.