Fashionable ankle boots 2011 spring summer

To the great joy of women of fashion after winter coldquickly come warm days. However, immediately after winter boots, summer sweaters can not be worn. And then you have to buy a new pair of closed shoes for literally one or two weeks, and then also open shoes. But modern fashion designers do not slumber, and in order to ease the situation for passionate fans of fashion trends, they include in their collections for several seasons ankle boots that enable them to be worn in the spring and summer. Such are the spring 2011 ankle boots.

Designers of modern fashion shoes understand thatfashion is a very volatile category. It can change its direction in a very short period of time and does it all with an enviable periodicity. For example, more recently in fashion all over the world were high-booted boots that made the female leg visually much longer. But today in the world fashion designers offer quite different trends. And really, this year's squeak became the spring 2011 summer boots. Their height reaches only to the ankles and by this they allow to show their long beautiful slender legs.

Beautiful and fashionable shoes make a heel. The most convenient is the heel height of four to seven centimeters, your foot will feel much more comfortable in shoes with this heel size. With this height of the heel, the boots on the wedge are also very good. The nose for the ankle boots of this season should be slightly rounded or sharp. The materials from which ankle boots make 2011 spring summer are presented in the widest range. Among them are different materials: leather and leatherette, suede, textile and synthetic materials, knitwear, elastane and others.

A new era has begun, when spacedevelopment began to be introduced into everyday life. There are new materials for the manufacture of shoes. These materials do not let moisture into the inside and at the same time allow the foot to breathe fully, letting air in. But not all women of fashion use such novelties, many prefer to wear shoes made of natural materials. In a special preference for glamorous women of fashion shoes made of the skin of a crocodile, python and ostrich. True, the price of such shoes becomes cosmic, but high fashion pays less attention to this. The recognized masters of making modern shoes are the Italians. They came up with a new technology, with which you can paint the skin for shoes. This is all done manually, but it looks very impressive.

This season will be fashionable ankle boots madefrom numerous intertwining straps and decorated with metal buckles and rivets. The sock can be closed or open, the main requirement here is convenience. An important question remains only with what to wear ankle boots summer. This season do not go out of fashion color leggings or leggings, which should be worn over the shoes. However, although the 2011 spring-summer ankle boots are considered to be the fashion squeak of this season, fashion designers note that such shoes do not suit everyone. They do not fit the owners of lean calves, they are not recommended to wear such shoes. Also, such models do not look very much, if the woman is short and has wide hips. But for the rest of the women, the spring 2011 summer boots will look very good with almost all styles of clothing. It can be narrow or wide pants, leggings, jeans, long sweaters. It's also good to wear them with short dresses, short skirts and a pencil skirt will do. Properly selected shoes will always make you fashionable and beautiful, only when buying shoes, pay attention to make your foot feel comfortable. Therefore, carefully choose shoes and do not expect that over time it is carried.