Types of men's trousers and their features

For men, trousers are an everyday itemclothes. Only in the summer they can be replaced by shorts. A few representatives of the stronger sex can distinguish the types of men's trousers. They classify them only in sports and classical. A separate item may be jeans. But this is not the whole list of the diversity of this element of clothing.

Types of men's trousers and their classification

Now the guys can well diversify theirwardrobe unlike previous generations. A few dozen years ago, the types of men's trousers were reduced to several names - sports and classical versions.

Modern guys have the opportunity every daychange your style and look original. Even classic pants have several variations. The variety of fabrics makes it possible to create models for any season.

The main types of men's trousers are:

  • classical;
  • khaki;
  • slacks;
  • Cargo;
  • chinos;
  • corduroy;
  • denim.

These types have their own sewing features and are made from different fabrics. The choice of a particular type of product depends on the time of year and the purpose of the trip to them.

Classic pants

This is the best variant of clothes for work in the officeor for a solemn occasion. These trousers are often sewn from a monophonic fabric with a sufficient amount of synthetics. This feature is easily explained - the product should not be rumpled while wearing.

men's classic trousers

Men's trousers (classic types) can havefront protectors. These models are now less popular, but still in demand among the stronger sex, who have a dense physique. Protectors visually hide the volume of the hips and waist. They are easier to sit down, because they have a loose cut.

Most often these models have arrows in front.They need to be ironed from time to time with special care, so that not two on each leg can not work. To do this, you need to have special skills that almost every older man has, as previously only such models of classic trousers were worn.

Young people are more inclined to product types withoutprotectors. These models are more fitting, suitable for the owners of a slim figure. When choosing this type of trousers, you need to make sure that there are no folds in front and at the bottom of the trousers.


This type of product is distinguished by its simplicity andconvenience at the same time. A wide cut allows them to feel free and comfortable. A feature of these trousers is the presence of large patch pockets on the sides. They are capacious and spacious.

kinds of men's trousers

Cargo is made from a dense fabric of mostly darkshades. They fit well with sports shoes and knitted sweaters. You do not need to combine such pants with classic elements of clothing or choose colors in the style of military - this will indicate the lack of taste of their owner.

Types of men's trousers with free cutter are perfect for walking and meeting with friends. This option will be successful for guys whose work is associated with constant movement.


Pants of this category are perfect for modernMen who love simplicity and convenience. They have a straight cut and are sewn from cotton fabric with the addition of a small amount of synthetics. Most often, the chinodes are presented in beige and brown tones. But modern designers are increasingly using bright colors in these models.

types of men's trousers and their classification

These pants are perfectly combined with the classicshirts and modern raglans. Under them you can put on both a jacket and a knitted sweater. This model is considered universal and suitable for guys of any physique.


This type is more suitable for wearing in the warm season. Feature is sewing only from cotton fabric of light tones. The cut of these trousers is straight and free.

The model is worn for classic shoes or sandals. Slacks can not be combined with sports shoes and colorful colorful T-shirts or raglans. Under them it is better to put on shirts or polos.

Jeans and Velvet Models

Such pants are very popular among men of anyage. Jeans are quite practical and convenient for any time of the year. These pants are for everyday clothes. They can be thin or insulated.

kinds of men's trouser titles

Corduroy pants are usually sewn in dark tones.They are suitable for the cold season, as they are made of dense fabric. This kind of trousers is similar to classic pants, it can be combined with shirts and jackets.

Both versions have good wear resistance andeasy to care for. These pants practically do not crumple and are not whimsical to the washing regime. Models are universal, and among men, these kinds of men's trousers are very popular. The photo above shows how perfectly they sit on the figure.


Such models are suitable for people working in theoffices. They have straight cuts and are sewn from dense fabric. Previously, these kinds of men's trousers were sewn only from khaki. Now the shades have become more diverse, but still have to be dark.

kinds of men's pants photo

These pants can have tucks.Young people with a good figure prefer models without them. These pants are hips, and legs are more free. They are worn under a belt, more often brown. They look great with sports shoes and shoes. You do not need to combine such pants with classic shoes with an extended toe.

Now for the stronger sexare given a choice of different types of men's trousers, whose names may be known to them or not. Regardless of this in the wardrobe is better to have several options at once, so as not to look monotonous and boring.