How to choose good tennis sneakers?

The presence of good tennis ammunition hasIt is important both during the training process and directly during the game. Spectacular outfits add to the entertainment match. However, first of all, comfort for the player is important. To feel confident in every movement, you need to find suitable tennis sneakers.

Being engaged in this sport without adequateshoes, the player will get only unpleasant sensations. In addition, a frivolous approach to organizing classes significantly increases the risk of injury. Therefore, good tennis sneakers should occupy a primary place in the arsenal of a serious athlete.

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Materials of manufacture

When choosing a tennis sneaker preference isgive models made of natural materials. Optimal option - the skin, which for aesthetic and performance qualities significantly exceeds the characteristics of synthetic substitutes.

If the preference is given to budgetaryvariants, it is immediately necessary to exclude close models from the list. Tennis sneakers should never rub the skin. Admissible solution is considered products in which the fingers do not bend at sudden stops.


For the manufacture of the sole of tennis shoesA flexible and wear-resistant rubber compound is used. The sole, devoid of zigzags and an abundance of pronounced drawings, indicates that the model is designed for playing on grassy courts. Sneakers with a textured sole are used for hard-hitting, hard-surface training.

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The market of sports shoes are the mostvarious tennis sneakers from a whole mass of manufacturers. However, there are leaders here. Special attention of consumers today deserve tennis sneakers Nike, Wilson, Adidas, Asics.

Consider several popular models of sneakers of the above brands:

  1. Air Max Courtballistec - one of the mostquality, reliable and convenient development from Nike. Such sneakers for playing tennis have a wear-resistant top and sole. The model provides good lateral foot support and excellent depreciation.
  2. Adidas Barricade - a model in the development of which the main bias is made on stylish design. As for performance, such sneakers are not inferior to the previous version.
  3. Resolution 3 - professional model of tennissneakers brand Asics. The development is characterized by a balanced weight and the use of technology materials. Here the climb is well developed. Comfortable insole allows you to soften the hardest strokes when you touch the foot with the court.
  4. Tennis sneakers Wilson Tour Vision 2 -differ practical lacing, have a corrugated sole with a thought out pattern, which provides a reliable grip with any coatings. The top is presented in the form of lightweight synthetic leather and perforated for qualitative ventilation of the foot.

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It should be understood that the determining criterion forthe choice of tennis shoes is personal comfort. If the existing model provides full comfort, such sneakers will certainly allow to achieve success. Ultimately, shoes for tennis are not just a piece of equipment, but a real continuation of the athlete's body.