Kedy with spikes - fashionable and stylish

Kedy with spikes - shoes that are famous for theiraffiliation to the style of swag. They look very fashionable and stylish. By training shoes with spikes, you immediately become the object of universal attention. This is really an original thing.

Kedy with spikes - for fans of fashion novelties

For the fashion to keep up is not so easy. But still you can. For example, Converse sneakers with spikes are a great option. However, they produce such shoes and other brands (O.X.S., Cult, Gienchi, etc.). The assortment of the modern market is so great that in the choice you can not limit yourself, thinking about the model and its value. Finding exactly what you need is not at all difficult.

sneakers with spikes

Sports and Model

Keds with spines are different. It all depends on where you are going to use them: in training, on walks, for outdoor activities. To date, there are two main types of studded sneakers.

Sports - models with spikes located on thesoles. These shoes are recommended for sports or for tourist purposes. Such models provide excellent grip and prevent sliding. They can be used for walking, running or football. Spikes made can be made of plastic or metal.

On the model sneakers, the thorns play a decorative role. Are located on the leather, suede or fabric top of the product. The whole surface of the shoe is covered with spines or its individual elements (platform, heel or toe).

converse sneakers

Classics, platform, high sneakers

It is worth considering and several more options. Spike cords can be classic - equipped with laces and ankle-opening. Their sole is low and very comfortable. Spikes can be placed on the entire surface. The color range depends solely on the imagination of the designer.

High - similar to the classic models. The only difference is that they cover the ankle. When doing sports, this provides maximum comfort, protects from injuries and damages the effect.

Models on the platform are usually interested ingirls who prefer to dress effectively, feminine, stylish, according to fashion. Most often, these shoes are chosen by low-sex women. The platform height varies from three to fifteen centimeters. Make the data models of suede, leather, textiles and denim.

white sneakers with spikes

With what to wear?

Color, black or white sneakers with spikes arepart of your image? Then remember, it is not recommended to select too aggressive clothes for them. These shoes look great both with sports, and with everyday simple clothes.

Fans of the style "kazhual" will like keds in tandem with jeans. Supplement the image can be top, shirt, jacket, waistcoat, cardigan. The style of jeans is desirable, straight.

No less spectacular shoes look combined withbright narrow trousers. However, you can choose and flared trousers. However, the shoes will be slightly covered, so it will look less profitable. The bow is complemented with a sweater or top. To create a multi-layered image, a short leather jacket, scarf or shawl is suitable.

In summer, girls try to open their legs as much as possible and shine with their beauty. Great option: short denim shorts, models on the platform and a fashionable T-shirt.

Owners of slender legs can stopOn leggings in combination with sneakers on a wedge. Look great black leggings and suede shoes. The set is supplemented with an elongated T-shirt, tunic or sweater.

Quite an attractive combination are sneakers and a denim mini skirt. To create a more feminine ensemble, a romantic skirt with ruffles or collars is suitable.

And, finally, the dress.You can choose a feminine beautiful model. With coarse sneakers, it will be remarkably similar. Black leather mini-dress will give an opportunity to create a brutal rocker image.

In a word, there are a lot of ways to look amazing. Kedy with spikes in combination with a variety of clothes allow a woman to be spectacular, bright and attractive.