How to break jeans to look fashionable?

Ragged jeans today at the peak of popularity, butnot always in stores you can find exactly what you want: the color does not resemble, then the model is not the one, but if you still had the chance to find what you need, then the rubbing is not at all in the places where you would like. Do not despair! There are several ways to tear your jeans at home to turn your favorite, but already somewhat boring model into a trendy trend, and make the cuts in places you yourself think fit. In addition, this will allow you to save money.

how to tear jeans

Option one

Before you tear your jeans, they need to be expandedon a flat solid surface, for example, on a table. Having identified with the place where there should be abrasion, put under it (inside the trousers) some solid, but a flat object, for example, a piece of cardboard, plywood or plastic.

Further, with a regular stationery knife across the trousersCut a hole. Do not try to do this the first time. It is better to go to the same place several times until the desired result is obtained, so that the tissue will break gradually.

Option Two

This method is one of the oldest, it allows you to tear your jeans, without removing, if, of course, scrapes are provided in front, for example, on the knees.

To do this, you need a rough object, whichcan be brick, sandpaper, rough stone (coarse pumice). Rubbing is necessary until the fabric begins to creep out itself, forming holes. It is important not to overdo it, since the abrasion should be uniform. I must say that the attritions made in this way look natural, formed during socks. Although everything, of course, depends on what effect you want to achieve it you.

break the djns

Option Three

Using a needle or manicure scissors, you just need to stretch the thread where the hole is conceived. In this case, the edges are more "swirling".

Some general recommendations

how to properly break jeans

Regardless of which of the aboveoptions you choose, before you tear your jeans, they better get wet, and after the work done, wash - so all the holes and scrapes will look even better.

To create the required image, select the modelsfrom medium-density fabrics, as thin summer jeans will spread after the next wash, and on warmed versions on fleece "flaw" will look ridiculous.

Do on the jeans before the process of bastingtailor shallow, especially if the slits are assumed to be symmetrical. Please note that they will burst even more during the socks, so it is important not to overdo it.

To make the model look more harmonious, you can also make scuffs on the bottom edges of pants and pockets, or make a few holes on the belt.

Especially spectacular and stylish look bleached holes or scrapes. To achieve this effect, before you tear your jeans, you need to apply bleach to the proper places, and then wash it.

Now you know all about how to properly break jeans!