Pants with pockets on the sides of the men are called?

Everyone has long known that a man in trousers canlook not only successful and businesslike, but also sexy and attractive. This to a large extent depends on the style of things. If we talk about trends in fashion, this year's men's tightened pants with pockets on the sides, fully fit the figure. As for the length, it is supposed to be very different. The material can be chosen depending on personal preferences. In this season it is important to use knitwear and leather for tailoring products, rarely corduroy, tweed and wool.

Pants with pockets on each side male

The most fashionable are pants with pockets on the sides. Male models in this season are distinguished by a variety of colors: from dark shades to bright colors.

The style of pants in the style of cargo

Such pants were formerly known aselement of military form, but over time, they began to choose and hunters, and fishermen, and even builders. Cargo style includes pants with pockets on the sides, various men's accessories that emphasize sexuality and strength, a shirt and a jacket. The main "chip" style are the pockets, which are so appreciated by men, because it is in them that you can put all the necessary things.

As the well-known stylists have found out, trousers withpockets on the sides, male models of which are represented at the shows, are in great demand among the strong half of humanity. But do not confuse the cargo with a camouflage uniform. Those times are long past, and now the style has a slightly different character, it can be twofold. That is, it is used not only by lovers of hunting and fishing, but also by elegant men who love freedom in their movements. Stylists advise not to wear pants with extra stripes and rivets when choosing a cargo style, because this will give the silhouette an excessive negligence.

Pants with pockets on the sides of the men are called

With what can you combine pants in the style of cargo?

Many are wondering about what kind of clotheswill look good pants with pockets on the sides. Men's photos depicting a strong half of humanity, dressed in cargo-style pants, look amazing, because trousers are a multifunctional thing and are combined with almost all items of the wardrobe. For example, a quilted jacket, a flannel shirt, a knitted sweater and, of course, strict shoes are perfectly suited. In some cases, it is preferable to choose high lace-up shoes.

In addition, the cargo can look very elegant with a tie and a silk handkerchief, sometimes these pants become an indispensable thing in everyday life.

Military style trousers

This style includes both mandatoryelement pants with pockets on the sides. Men's militaries are very similar to the style of cargo, but there are differences. Sewing this product has its own characteristics. For example, certain tones are used, they must be necessarily dark or khaki colors, the fabrics are strong and rough. The brightest element in clothes can be only buttons and a buckle on a belt. Every detail is clear and performs strictly its function. Pants can resemble a pilot's uniform: narrow trousers of riding breeches are permissible, or a thing that is close to the classics.

What is it good to combine military style trousers?

At once it is necessary to note, that trousers are obligatoryshould be worn with a belt. This is a very important accessory that has a bright plaque. Trousers must be refilled in shoes or boots, with the shoes should be with a wide and round toe. In this style, you can use a monochrome tie under a shirt with a collar "stoechkoy."

Stylists are advised in the cold season to weara coat that resembles a greatcoat and has two rows of shiny buttons, or a jacket with cuffs and a fur collar. It is desirable that the material is used only natural, for example, for coats - wool, and for a jacket - leather. In the cold season it is important to use headwear, so for military style, a beret or a cap with a visor is suitable.

Casual for men

It is worth considering the style of kazhual, which includesan obligatory element - pants with pockets on the sides of men. What are called kadzhal style trousers and what they should be worn with will depend on what they are intended for. If you need clothes for doing business, then you can wear such pants along with a T-shirt or shirt, on top there must necessarily be a jacket.

Pants with pockets on the sides of the men's photo

Classical kazhual means by itselfJeans with pockets that fit the figure of a man. They can be combined with a T-shirt or cardigan, and also pick up a vest. Sports pants in the style of kazhual can be represented by tight jeans under a T-shirt or a turtleneck. Shoes are desirable to choose a simple and comfortable, for example, shoes, moccasins, shoes - it all depends on weather conditions.

The urgency of skinning, or narrowed pants, in the new season

Recently, the most favorite modelsyoung people began to have pants with pockets on each side: men's narrowed trousers or skinny trousers. Such things can make a man higher, so if he is tall, narrowed pants will not do. Pants remind "street" fashion, especially if they go along with leather jackets, which have rivets. Not everyone can come up with such pants with pockets on the sides. Men's narrower models should be chosen very carefully so that they do not look ridiculous and do not look like women's pantyhose.

Pants with pockets on each side male military

It is worth paying attention to the landing of the pants bywho has a small tummy. The average value will suit them. A low cut will look nice on slender men. These pants can be safely called universal, because they are suitable for both business meetings and informal situations.

What is the best combination of narrowed pants?

Since the pants are tight, it will be importantuse free top. Therefore, it is best to wear a sweater, shirts or T-shirts for release. You can dilute the image with a butterfly or a tie, you have to put on a hat on your head. You can put shoes or sneakers on your feet. This style is suitable for any event.

Pants with pockets on the sides of men's narrowed

It's not so difficult to choose pants with pockets on the sides. Male models of trousers are presented in great variety, the main thing is to select them according to their shape and take into account the peculiarities of the body structure. Then any ensemble will emphasize the courage, strength and attractiveness of the young man.