What to wear with a green skirt to look stylish?

Green is always in trend.It is relevant both in winter and in summer, does not go out of fashion and goes practically to all girls and women. Its shades, depending on the time of the year, are chosen from young to old by all young ladies. If we are talking about the fall, then especially favorite are the shades of green, like mustard, greenish-brown, jasper. They fit harmoniously into the autumn theme. In winter, green is preferable to deep dark shades: bottle, dark green, almost black, deep and sensual tones look especially advantageous on dense fabrics and in outer clothing. Well, spring and summer have always been associated with bright and bright images. Clothing salad, pistachio, emerald green color at this time looks particularly stylish.

what to wear with a green skirt
But what is combined with this tone?And what to wear with a green skirt, for example? To begin with, we'll decide which model and shade will be the skirt itself. In general, women of fashion should take note that the easiest to use with any shade of green color, it's white, black and brown. Therefore, if in your wardrobe there are several basic things of these colors, any skirt of green color will look at you stylishly. Especially good with such skirts is playing shoes, belts and bags of brown shades.
what skirts are now in fashion

So what to wear with a green mini skirt.Mostly, this detail of clothes will suit young girls, and if you combine it with the top of orange shades and add a couple of accessories, this image will attract a lot of attention to your person. And for a more rigorous image, wear such a skirt with a classic white blouse. Romanticity of this model can add an asymmetrical blouse with floral motifs of light tones.

You probably know which skirts are in fashion.For the second consecutive year, long skirts of chiffon, silk and other light materials do not disappear from the streets of cities. They can be as pleated, or simply even, "gypsy", the cut of the sun-klesh and other models. But their distinctive feature is that they are predominantly bright green or coral. To these skirts are suitable unusual tops of a complex cut, silk, lace. Do not be afraid to combine in this image green with pink color, shades of gray and beige. A long green skirt comes to all kinds of golden accessories. Therefore, it gives a wide field for experiments to fans of gold and its tones.

And what to wear with a green skirt in a business style?Most often, designers understand this term as a knee-length pencil skirt. It is suitable for blouses of delicate pastel shades with at least the fashionable Basque today, fitted short cardigans of light colors and high brown or black boots with a stable heel or classic boats.

long green skirt
In general, a variety of shades of green anda variety of fashionable skirts today allows you to have several models of this color in the wardrobe at once, and under them already pick up other things and always look different in the same way, but invariably beautiful, stylish, elegant, and do not puzzle over the question: "What to wear with the green skirt? "