How to choose jeans, so as not to lose

Jeans - simple, comfortable and never out of fashion clothes. The tone of fashion on them is always asked by women, and only then the men take over the relay. Today, jeans are sewn for figures of all types.

How to choose jeans

How to choose jeans for tall women?For them, the ideal option will be light trousers with a low waist. They should be expanded or straight. Also, the bottom can be turned. High fit and free models, as well as jeans, bananas. Do not dwell on the shortened models, narrowed and straight, but narrow jeans. As a rule, on the labels of good manufacturers, growth is indicated, which corresponds to this model.
How to choose jeans for low women?Here the recommendations are directly opposite. To the side is to postpone the fashionable pants with tucked-in bottom, light jeans, tight-fitting and narrowed models. All of the above can visually reduce the already small growth and shorten the legs. An excellent option - it's jeans-cigarettes with straight and even trousers. Do not look any worse and dark jeans. Their length should reach the top of the heel. For short ladies, you can safely wear short pants with shoes on the heel. Free models look at low not very good, as well as tight.
How to choose jeans for a figure

How to choose jeans for those who do not have enough volume inarea of ​​the hips? The best choice is light jeans, extended downwards. Waist should be too high. Only if it, that is, the waist, perfectly perfect, you can afford pants with a low waist. This style draws attention to the bottom of the figure, and distracts him from the hips. In this case, the body visually becomes more prominent and voluminous, it will be added femininity.

How to choose jeans if the waist is far from ideal?Usually women with this feature of the figure get jeans a couple of sizes larger than necessary, because what sits well on the legs and hips, shakes in the waist. In order to remedy the situation, we must choose models that are precisely matched to the figure. Then the waist will fit well. If the model is extended downwards, the upper and lower parts of the body will come to balance. Wide straight pants are able to conceal the waist, giving it proportionality to the hips.

How to choose jeans for a figure with wide hips?It is necessary to pay attention to the back pockets. They should be wide to cover the buttocks as much as possible. Small and widely spaced pockets visually make the hips even wider.

How to choose high-quality jeans
A good option - dark loose jeans fromdense tissue. The trousers should be straight and wide, flared from the hip. It is necessary to abandon the light tight fitting models, which are narrowed downwards. Also does not fit an overstated and narrowed waist, which visually makes the hips wider.
How to choose high-quality jeans for fat women?Material is of great importance here. You have to choose a soft thin jeans, a tight body without wrinkles. Choose too loose trousers is not worth it, so they will give extra volume to the figure. An excellent option - dark jeans, trousers that are slightly narrower down. They should not be too narrow, but not too loose. Forms should be favorably emphasized, but not hiding, otherwise the figure will be completely formless.