Addresses of Top Chop stores in Moscow: where you can buy fashion items

Popular brand "Top Shop" is known to manybuyers and shopaholics. The brand is in demand not only in the UK. For a long time he became fond of Russian consumers with his style and incomparable design. Collections of the brand are recognized also by famous people, among them musicians, actors and other outstanding personalities. One can not doubt that almost every fashionista knows the addresses of a clothing store Top Shop in Moscow.

top shop clothing store addresses in Moscow

Top Shop chain of stores in Moscow

Only stylish and popular things fill shelvestrade outlets of a well-known brand. The latest and modern collections allow each customer to choose for themselves worthy and practical options. Not all buyers know, but the first store of the brand was opened in the distant 2006. Then he settled right in the shopping center "European". Every year the number of points increased, and the interest of buyers to the manufacturer became more and more. Now a considerable part of them knows very well addresses of Top Shop stores in Moscow. After all, this is a great opportunity to acquire a truly original thing.

addresses of shops top shop in moscow

Capital fashioners appreciate the brand for the fact that itdiffers from others. There is no copying of collections of other brands. Each product is individually and therefore can easily convey the style and taste of its owner. Collections of the brand are presented in separate lines, among which there are youth clothes, products for women of different height and build, as well as collections for expectant mothers. The company has been working successfully since 1964. Then the manufacturers could not even imagine what their success will be in the whole world. Although it was absolutely not surprising. Since each model does not look ordinary, but combines style and uniqueness.

Where to buy clothes "Top Shop" in the capital

Addresses of Top Chop stores in Moscow:

  • Prospect Mira, 211 - SEC "Golden Babylon".
  • Ground shaft, 33 - Atrium shopping center.
  • Leningradskoe highway, 16-A, building -4 - SEC "Metropolis."
  • Manezhnaya square, 1, building -2 - TC "Okhotny Ryad."
  • Dmitrov highway, 163-A - Shopping center "Rio Grand".
  • MKAD 14 km, building - 1 - STC "White Dacha".

Popular addresses of Top Chop stores in Moscow near the metro:

  • 25 km of MKAD (Kashirskoye highway) - the station "Domodedovskaya".
  • Shopping center "European" (the area of ​​the Kiev station, 2) - "Kiev".
  • TC "Metropolis" - exit at the station "Voikovskaya".
  • Department store "Tsvetnoy" - the metro stop "Tsvetnoy Boulevard" or "Trubnaya".

top shop address stores in Moscow

We buy branded clothes profitable

Just a huge selection of branded clothes availabledirectly on the original manufacturer's website. True, the Russian buyer will not be able to make a purchase there himself. Some buyers prefer to find an intermediary to buy things, while others continue to focus on store addresses "Top Shop" in Moscow to independently make purchases there.

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It is worth writing down the addresses of Top Shop stores in Moscow, then you do not have to wander the capital for a long time, searching for a fashion boutique. </ span </ p>