The most fashionable trousers 2011

Pants - have long become a familiar detailwomen's wardrobe. Their practicality and convenience can not be overestimated. Along with these qualities, modern pants inherent in such concepts as style, beauty and universality. Let's talk about the latest fashion trends in this area.

Fashionable trousers 2011 - one of the most important detailsClothing presented at the shows of the most famous designers. A variety of styles are striking. Here you can see everything from classic models to original design solutions.

Especially fashionable in 2011 are modelswide trousers. The styles are not limited to the classic cut. On the podium are trousers with a low landing and an overstated waist. For ladies with more magnificent shapes, designers offer a standard solution - trousers with a high waistline. Of course, if you have an enviable appearance (long legs and narrow waist), then the models of wide trousers with a low waist will emphasize all the dignity of the figure. In addition, the width of the trousers can reach the appearance of an interesting skirt-pants, but at the same time no minimalism is not welcome - such pants should have a length of maxi. But some fashion houses still dared to step back from the accepted frames and presented a skirt-trousers to the knee.

The main requirement for wide pants -use of monotonous tissues. Despite the summer season, the most fashionable will be dark blue and black. In addition, 2011 fashion trousers represent new styles of narrow trousers. In this case, there is no restriction in length. As for the length, it's worth mentioning Capri. The most fashionable are capris up to the middle of the roe (for the trouser version), or slightly above the ankle (for the gate). These styles are especially dangerous for their length, because they visually shorten the figure. That's why Capri suits longer wearers of long legs. From capri is better to refuse those who are afraid to give volume to hips due to fashionable in this season of light shades.

Another hit of the season - klesh.Most relevant will be fashion trousers 2011, having flared from the knee and from the hip. Girls who are ashamed of some curvature of the legs they will come up as it is impossible by the way. Moderate flared knee or original long trousers, flared from the hip and hiding shoes - that's where you have to choose women of fashion.

Any girl who follows the latest newsfor a long time already knows that overalls - ideally combine fashionable trousers 2011 and top in the form of a top-bando, blouses on one shoulder, etc. And trousers can easily be replaced with shorts, from which the interest in overalls does not dry out. It should be noted that stylish overalls can become not only a walking version of clothing, but also a serious response to the office dress code.

Interesting models and colors have puff pants. Female legs look great in shortened models of this type, of course, when it comes to beautiful legs.

It is impossible to discard jeans in this season.However, the main difference of 2011 will be the simplicity of cut and minimum decor. Do not need to search for models with mahra, holes and patches - this is not interesting for the modern world of fashion.

No one canceled the sporting lifestyle, soand the sports style of the pants out of fashion does not come out. Free style, black, gray and brown colors, cotton materials are the main indicators and companions of sports models.

Also, designers and designers were influenced by bikers and punks, from which the characteristic attributes were taken to create new models of trousers.

Choosing trousers of a pipe women's, wide trousers,jeans and other - find out the opinion of others and really appreciate the length and beauty of your feet: maybe you will approach completely different styles. Do not follow fashion blindly. Live in harmony with your body, highlighting the virtues and covering the flaws of the figure.