Montana - jeans, time-tested

An incredibly popular worldwide brand is considered to beMontana, whose jeans are familiar to everyone, because they have won the hearts of customers for more than fifty years. This brand is a guarantee of quality and a benchmark for imitation. One of the most recognizable brands is famous not only for its famous, you can even say the legendary logo in the form of an eagle, but also the breadth of the range of products.

A short digression into the history

A proven time and quality legendarythe brand is Montana. Jeans with such a label is considered to be European products. In fact, this company was founded in the far sixties of the previous century, and its homeland is Germany. The owner of the brand was Klaus Heitzel, who lives in Hamburg.

Colossal popularity (and this without attractingadvertising moves and huge financial investments!) found the company Montana. Jeans of this brand were made only from high-quality natural raw materials, the landing was ideal regardless of the customer's figure.

montana jeans

After a while, the German brand was successfully monopolized by the American brand and at the moment is an indicator of European quality and style.

Quality and pricing policy

To appreciate the Germanscrupulousness and pedantry, it is necessary to pay attention to Montana brand products, whose jeans are the embodiment of quality and good quality. Throughout the history of the brand, Montana's clothing has never been positioned as a kind of working (in fact, robes). It has always been an indicator of style and taste.

Men's Jeans Montana in Soviet times byIts value is equal to the average monthly earnings. Today their cost is not sky-high and heavy, thanks to which every average person can afford this product.

men's jeans montana

Buying Montana products means acquiring a thing that will serve as faith and truth for many seasons, without losing its original look.