What to wear with a denim skirt to look stylish?

A denim skirt is considered a universal thing inwardrobe of any girl. It is well worn, combined with different clothes and can become the base thing in the wardrobe - just have time to change accessories and blouses or shirts under it. But not everyone knows that the same jeans skirt, not chosen for the particular features of the figure or worn with unsuitable things, can mutilate its mistress: visually add a couple of extra pounds, begin to bump up, sway or hang a bag. So let's talk about what to wear with a denim skirt.

what to wear with a denim skirt
It's not a secret for anyone that very often externalthe kind of thing depends on its quality. A jeans skirt only confirms this rule: a poor-quality line, too thin, or, on the contrary, too coarse denim, curved curves are unlikely to decorate even the most ideal figure. Before you think about what to wear with a denim skirt, remember that it is better to buy one, but a quality thing, than a few unsuccessful options.

denim skirts 2013 photo
Choose clothes based on the characteristicshis own figure. Fashion for jeans skirts 2013, photos of which can be seen in the style books, dictates wearing narrow pencil skirts with an overstated waist. This model is suitable for almost any girl, especially it will hide the shortcomings of a pear-shaped figure and will also face full women. What to wear with a denim skirt-pencil? Definitely - light weightless blouses of silk and chiffon. They should always be filled. Add the image with a stylish belt at the waist - and you'll surely be a "stylish thing." Look good with this model skirts will also be denim shirts and shirts from cotton.

Also this season the skirts-the sun returned to fashion.And their denim variants are also in a trend. Such skirts will suit girls with not expressed hips and a waist - they visually form volume of hips therefore the lady with a figure such as "hourglass" or "pear" is better from them to refuse. A complete set for such a skirt should be a tight top to balance the flared skirt hem. What to wear with a denim skirt is the sun? Optimum variant - dense monophonic tops or vests. If your belly allows you to open it, an excellent summer option will be a top under the chest in combination with such a skirt and a clutch bag over your shoulder.

what to wear with a denim skirt
But jeans mini require a seriousconsidering his figure in the mirror. The fact is that the short skirt does not go the same way as for girls with full hips, and owners of excessively thin legs. If your legs are long and slender, feel free to choose this model and wear it with pleasure - the benefit of a denim miniskirt can perfectly match almost any clothing. If you have fluffy hips, but you really want to wear a denim mini, then choose the right thing to wear with a denim skirt. For example, try to choose a skirt model not of a straight cut, but a bit extended downwards. A mini skirt in the form of a trapezium will visually not so emphasize the steep hips. To wear such a skirt follows with dense tights of dark or bright shades or opaque leggings to the middle of the ankle. The top can be picked up by any, but it will be better if it will emphasize the waist, so as not to turn the figure into a square. And if the legs are thin, choose a tight skull of pastel shades in the skirt set - they will give a little volume to the thin calves and thighs. So dare: with the right denim skirt, any girl can look very stylish.