Military trousers: women's trousers in army style

Clothing of a military pattern holds positions confidentlyon the streets of cities already a long time ago. Once in the camouflage trousers, only hunters and fishermen walked. But today even fragile girls have chosen military pants. Women's camouflage pants give the image some reckless notes, as if challenging the male privilege for this bold and expressive style.

Signs of style

The name "military" takes its origins in Englishlanguage and is literally translated as "paramilitary". This style includes everything that at least remotely resembles a military uniform: camouflage clothes, boots, scarf-arafatki, backpacks and bags of natural shades. Of course, this style also implies other shoes and clothes, which are simply combined with the basic elements: flip flops, comfortable sandals, dresses, clutches, jewelry. The main thing is that in the collection all this creates a holistic image.

There are several main features of the military style:

  • colors, close to the military;
  • comfortable cut;
  • availability of functional parts: pockets, belts, laces;
  • comfortable fit on the figure.

Women's style trousers

The most popular model, which can be considered a classic of the genre - women's military pants with pockets, straight cut. Often on these pants there are elastic bands or kulisks on the bottom edge of the pants.

military pants

Popular models, sewn on the classic pattern of jeans. Typically, these pants, military women are well fit on the figure and comfortable to wear.

Colors and fabrics

Do not immediately submit camouflagemilitary pants. Women's trousers in the army style can be monophonic, colors such as olive, marsh green, khaki, sand. After all, the military uniform can also be monophonic.

Strict requirements for the color of camouflage is not. All the same, civilian clothes should not perform masking functions. Therefore, choose the shade that you like and goes.

As for the fabric, of course, it works the samea rule, as always: it is better to choose natural ones. Moreover, army clothes and sew, as a rule, from high-quality natural fabrics. To keep in style, choose cotton, linen, denim, serge.

With what to wear military pants

Women's pants natural natural tones (athis is the color of most military style trousers) are well combined with black and dark brown tops. The rule works: the more expressive the trousers, the more reserved the shirt must be.

military style pants

At the same time, do not be afraid of bright colors. Experiment with different colors, mix shades of one scale, combine camouflage with denim, leather, bright jersey.

How to do it is not necessary

A military style has several rules. They are very simple and easy to follow. First, do not experiment with the evening fashion. Ensembles in camouflage color look ridiculous in a restaurant or theater. Remember that there is time and place for everything. Military style trousers (women's) are clothes for the city, rest, travel, and not for solemn occasions.

Do not combine in one ensemble a camouflage of differenttypes. For example, "python" and "flora." It always looks tasteless. But if you complement the monochrome dark green military pants (women's) pixel baseball cap - it will be excellent.

Women's pants, military with pockets

Want to refill your wardrobe with a thing in the armystyle? Choose clothes in ordinary stores, in no case wear statutory uniform trousers of the army of your state. By the way, in most countries this is prohibited by law. And the moral right to wear a military uniform is far from everyone.

Be careful with rhinestones, sequins, beads. Still, the military style presupposes phlastics, festons and rivets. Or maybe even thorns.

Accessories in style

Nobody will argue that only the Bertscan adequately complement the military pants. Female ballet flats, clogs, espadrilles look nothing worse. With narrow camouflage pants you can wear even boats and ankle boots on the platform. The main thing is that the shoes fit well on the foot and fit into the overall ensemble.

And what complement the sports pants, military? Women's sneakers and sneakers will make an excellent addition.

sports pants-military women

Do not overdo it with jewelry. Choose leather strap bracelets with rivets, pendants similar to army tokens, wooden and clay earrings. If you are choosing glasses for the image, be sure to pay attention to "aviatrix", because once they were designed for the army. Well suited to this style of an accessory, such as a wristwatch.