Women's summer pants, trendy this season

The history of women's pants goes to not so much andthe distant past. Only one hundred years have passed since women began to master this traditionally traditional male element of clothing. Then after the war, women were forced to master many men's professions because of the lack of male hands in the national economy. Accordingly, these jobs required other clothes. It's hard to imagine a skyscraper in a skirt, for example. Women have rasprobovali this detail, its convenience and women's summer pants, and especially winter - have become an integral element of women's clothing at all times.

Fashion since those times has changed many times, stylesThe summer trousers became narrow and dense, then broad and thin, made of linen or silk. Wide trousers with a slightly inflated waist, with a flare from the hip or knee gave way to pipes, then bananas. Material and colors also undergone constant changes. Bright chiffon trousers were changed to pale linen, narrow black trousers - to jeans, embroidered with sequins and sequins.

Today, summer linen trousers, as well asalways - in fashion. Only their length and length change, but the fabric remains always in demand. What can be better in the heat in spacious linen trousers, in which the heat, it would seem, does not penetrate to the body and you feel comfortable in them at any temperature. Silk, chiffon and cotton are no less pleasant in the summer heat, especially in spacious fluttering models.

In this season, fashionistas are just expanse,because women's summer pants are presented in all versions, ranging from "pipes" and finishing with flares. No less choice of fashion models is presented in the color scheme - this is a riot of colors, and monochrome options, with an overstated waistline or a model with a belt on the hips. As for length - the same democracy. Models are also shortened pants, ankle or to the middle of the ankle, and long, to the middle of the heel.

For girls who can boast of longand beautiful legs, the best choice to emphasize its attractiveness - tight pants, with high or low waist. To these models are perfect sandals with high heels. For business everyday classic options are excellent, made in traditionally not flashy colors. Very popular women's summer pants that came to us from the far 80's, "bananas", widened in the hips and lowered down, as well as "chinos" and "riding breeches."

For the outings on nature are greatshort trousers - breeches. By the way, they can be made from the usual favorite trousers, simply by tucking the trousers. Tall, thin girls with long legs are perfect trousers-riding breeches. This style makes a bigger figure and shortens the legs visually, so with a not high growth under them necessarily have to put on a high heel. Top of these pants should be tight and short.

Female summer pants can be shortened,what are the "chinos". This model can be worn with a tight top, and with a narrowed. Also interesting are the trendy silk shorts this season, the pajama trousers. But this model does not fit every figure, and if a girl of low stature and a bit too fat, it is better to avoid such a style, so as not to look baggy, and not collected.

Returned to the catwalks fashion to wear wideFree trousers with a dressed over top of a valley tunic. This option looks very feminine and conceals the flaws of the figure, and is suitable for almost all women, regardless of age and structure.

Wide styles of summer trousers can be worn and witha short top, but it must be surely fitted, otherwise the girl risks to look too bulky and neuhozheno. As for the coloring, this tendency is traced - the wider and more spacious the trousers, the brighter and brighter their colors and shades can be. As for the length - then at the peak of fashion this season - the length is not less than the ankles, and even higher by several centimeters. In general, the most important thing that a girl should follow this year is a careful approach to choosing a model taking into account the merits and demerits of the figure.