Trade network Tezenis. Shops in Moscow

In the understanding of many buyers, "Tezenis"shop of lingerie. This is no more than a common mistake. In fact, "Tezenis" - a global brand, which means not only lingerie, but also clothes for every day. And not only women. There are also separate collections of men's and children's clothing.

Few facts about the company

The "Tezenis" brand is included in the franchise networkCalzedonia, which is prevalent in all countries of the world. It has more than 3600 stores in 35 countries. Only shops under the sign "Tezenis" number 500, located in 18 countries.

The group "Calcedonia" appeared in Verona in 1986year. Founder - Sandro Veronesi. This network owns many brands, the main of which are "Calcedonia", "Tezenis", "Intimissi" and "Falconery".

Under the Tezenis brand, stores in Moscow appeared in2003. And immediately managed to win the sympathy of buyers. For the most part, they are aimed at young people. There is a pleasant atmosphere, conducive to shopping. Are located Tezenis (shops) in Moscow, in the shopping center, known to the residents of the capital. Thanks to this they do not need to search long.

Tezenis stores in Moscow

The company's activities are based on several fundamental points:

  • The products are characterized by an excellent balance of quality, design and value.
  • Franchise model.
  • The stores are located in the busiest areas of the city.

Many are familiar with the Tezenis brand. Shops in Moscow offer their customers not only to purchase the necessary goods. They created a special atmosphere, typical of all points of sale of this brand. This is facilitated by:

  • large areas;
  • the design of shops in a minimalist style;
  • sounding modern music.

Tezenis addresses of stores in Moscow

The company "Tezenis" closely communicates with journalists,representatives of the media. For promotions regularly selected the best photographers, selected models. For young people, various events and sports competitions are often held.

The assortment of goods of the brand Tezenis

Shops in Moscow offer only the most fashionableand actual goods. The assortment is often updated, which allows us to always offer our customers only the newest models. Collections are updated weekly.

The price policy will appeal to shoppers. The cost of production is low. For example, bras are sold at a price of 300 to 2 thousand rubles. Nothing is more expensive than this amount.

All goods are divided into three categories: women's, men's, children's. The assortment includes underwear, pajamas, tights, t-shirts, leggins, dresses, hats. Almost the same range of products can choose for themselves children and men.

Tezenis stores in Moscow in the shopping center

The affordable price can be even lower if you select a discounted item. There are regular actions. Most often, the cost of goods is reduced by buying 2 or 3 of the same things.

Location of outlets Tezenis

Addresses of shops in Moscow are as follows:

  • pl. Manezhnaya, 1, p. 2, TC "Okhotny Ryad";
  • pl. Kievsky railway station, 2, shopping and entertainment center "Evropeisky";
  • Presnenskaya embankment, 2, TRC "Afimall City";
  • Izmailovsky Val, 2;
  • Leningradskoe shose, 16A, p. 4, shopping center "Metropolis";
  • Leningradskoe highway, 23 km, SEC "Mega Khimki";
  • Etc. Mira, 211, SEC "Golden Babylon Rostokino";
  • Ul. Red Maca, 2, shopping center "Prague Passage";
  • Crossing Altufievsky shose, 1 km and MKAD 84 km., Shopping center "Viasna";
  • Varshavskoe shosse, 140, Shopping and entertainment center "Columbus";
  • MKAD, 24 km, shopping and entertainment center "Vegas-Kashirskoye";
  • Dmitrovsoye Highway, 163A, TRC "Rio".

Customer Reviews of TM Tezenis

Shops in Moscow of this brand are visited by many, andalmost everyone leaves positive feedback. As a plus, there is a pleasant atmosphere, large fitting rooms, pleasant and sympathetic sellers. Even more praise sounds to address a wide variety of models and their design.

Come to Tezenis! Shops in Moscow are numerous, and each of them satisfies the needs of buyers at the expense of a wide range of products, easy to wear, stylishly designed and affordable.