Fashionable and comfortable part of the wardrobe - breeches

Breeches are short trousers, lengthwhich barely reaches the knees. These trousers tightly cover the legs. Historically, breeches were part of men's clothing. The suit with the breeches was a standard Western European clothing, intended for the male population. In later times, these pants were worn with high boots - this form of clothing was used for riding. In addition, the breeches have become an element of the sporting form in which players in American football, baseball and other sports are dressed and dressed.

The history of the bridges dates back to 1700.Then they were worn by both women and men. Women's breeches were given the name Bloomer, which at one time meant narrow short trousers designed to be worn under clothing. Women's breeches were also called fisherman's trousers. The length of these trousers was slightly below the knee, and the garment itself in most cases had cuts located on the outer sides of the pants. In the twentieth century, breeches became really fashionable. In support of this fact is that the fifties of the last century they were worn even by actresses during the filming of popular movies. For example, the famous actress Audrey Hepber was in the breeches during the performance of the dance in the film "Funny Face". Then the popularity of the bridges somewhat subsided and in fashion these short trousers again entered only in the 90s. Another burst of popularity of this clothing was caused by Gap, which in 2006 demonstrated a clip of the popular band AC / DC. One of the varieties of the bridges are female capris, created by the designer while relaxing on the island of Capri. The designer was inspired by local fishermen, who actively wore similar clothes. Capri creator made short pants, intended mainly for women who rest on the sea. These pants allowed not to roll up the trousers in order not to soak them, and this created an extraordinary convenience for the bearers. Breeches and capris have come to the liking of many stars, the most famous of which is Brigitte Bardot. This fact, of course, played a huge role in shaping the fashion trends of that time.

Women's breeches are worn with T-shirts or shirtslight shades and mainly in the warm season. Breeches are considered an excellent alternative to skirts and shorts. This clothing will be quite appropriate not only in nature and during sports, they can be worn even in the office. Many designers use breeches to create unusual outfits used only in special cases. The most common materials from which women's breeches are made are jeans, linen, cotton, leather and polyester. Sometimes designer breeches can be made of wool. As the variety of materials is great, the styles in which these fashionable trousers are made are also varied - large pockets are also appropriate here, breeches can be either wide or narrow, both loose and tight, decorated with a belt loop or belt, e.

Women's breeches can become clothes for any timeyear, in addition, these pants are an excellent component of clothing, perfectly in harmony with the outfit of any style - from everyday to business. The breeches offered today are extremely diverse, especially they are distinguished by a variety of colors. It can be safely said that at the moment the variety of this clothing is almost unlimited.

Breeches can be purchased at the store, but you canmanufacture by yourself. Many fashionistas use old men's or women's trousers and jeans as the basis for bridges. The design of the bridges is easy to find in fashion magazines or on the Internet, which makes it even easier to produce them yourself. Evaluate these comfortable pants and they will undoubtedly become an integral part of your wardrobe!