Fashionable shorts 2011 women's: comfortable and sexy

Fashionable shorts 2011 women amaze theira variety of styles and colors. They are popular every year, and it's not surprising, because they are the best way to emphasize the figure, the beauty of the feet and tan. This year, designers have prepared shorts for all the girls, even young ladies with magnificent shapes will be able to wear shorts in 2011. Designers are advised to wear them not only in summer, but also in spring and in autumn. Thanks to a combination of style and comfort, shorts are firmly in their positions and are an essential element of the summer and autumn wardrobe of every woman.

In fashion, an overstated waist

In 2011, very popular models with overpricedwaist. To put them on is only for slender girls, because in such shorts you can see all the shortcomings of your body. On girls with perfect hips, short shorts with a high neckline will look great. Girls with imperfect hips are best suited long models to the knee, which are also relevant this year.

Cloth shorts? Choose white color

Last year brought fashionable women's shorts, inThis year they remain in fashion, but in a much smaller quantity. Fabric shorts 2011 women can be monophonic, and with floral and animal prints.

For summer, white models will be an excellent optioncolor and its shades, they are not only exquisite and beautiful, but also stylish. In combination with bright colored blouses and jackets, white and cream shorts will look fashionable and relevant.

In addition to white shorts topical in 2011 will beshorts of bright, colored and light fabrics. Fashionable colors: yellow, orange, blue, green, shades of these and many other bright colors. To add such shorts is best transparent blouses of the same shades.

Leather shorts - trend 2011

For this season, leathershorts for women, which are perfect for white shirts in classic style and leather jackets. By the way, these shorts will look very stylish at the party. Also, for a party or a festive dinner, the designers offered shorts of elegant fabrics, for example, satin. The length can be any, color: metallic or gold, stylishly look accessories and decorative elements. In fashion, sexuality, glamor, candor.

Denim as always relevant

Do not ignore the 2011 women's shortsdenim - stylish and very comfortable for everyday wear. Such models will be perfectly combined with jackets, jackets and cardigans and will emphasize your love for casual style. Do not forget that they should be shorter than outerwear. In fashion, denim shorts with torn edges, scuffs, heterogeneous in tone.

Original shorts for the original girls

Extravagant lovers show theirindividuality everywhere and in everything will be happy, choosing themselves original shorts 2011 women's a-la trousers - wide on top and narrowed downwards. Such an outfit will definitely make you a star in any company, and choosing a model of bright color - red or yellow, you definitely will not be left without attention.

Decor and Accessories for Shorts 2011

Very relevant models with different finishes,belts, patch pockets. In a pair of them you can pick up short blouses and shirts, tight tops. Belts will add variety to your shorts. The choice of belt depends on your mood at the moment: a wide belt will make you an American cowboy, narrow will give your image elegance, and a belt tied in the form of a bow will turn you into a romantic young lady.

Not only for a walk, but also for work

Designers offer to wear shorts this yearnot only for walks or parties, but also for the office. Fashionable models for the office should be neutral colors, for example, white, gray, black, you can even in peas. To complement such shorts is best white classic shirt - it's fashionable and stylish.