5 rules for writing an effective sales advertisement

The Internet is developing very rapidly. More and more transactions for buying and selling are carried out through the bulletin board, working in online format. Wishing to sell a thing through the Internet a lot, so here you will have to face competitors. How to make your ad working and highlight it among others to sell the thing as quickly as possible?

To compose an advertisement it is necessary to treat very carefully, since it will be evaluated by a potential buyer. Submit your ad can be on different resources at the same time, but all of themmust rely on 5 rules. These rules will help create an ad in the client's language, explaining the benefits and benefits of the purchase. They look like this:

1. Chilling and title

The success of an effective offline ad is 50% or more dependent on headline. Looking through hundreds of offers, the buyerpays special attention to the name, and only after decides to view the detailed information. You can use constructions like "Product name + in excellent condition", as well as humorous names.

2. Description of goods

Here the main emphasis should not be given to the descriptiontechnical data, but the emotional components that a person can receive while using the goods. It must be ensured that the description does not turn out to be too embellished. After the description, it is necessary to point out flaws accurately, otherwise visitors will react to the offer with disbelief.

Free advertisements Work better if it shows a lot of informationabout the size, color, age and quality of the goods indicated, the more opportunities to sell it as quickly as possible. And this does not mean that you need to make a long explanation. The main thing is that the text should be divided into paragraphs, sub-headings, numbered, marked lists, highlighting key points, etc. For formatting, all message boards offer a text editor. Sometimes, the possibilities are limited only to the insertion of the text.

3. Identification of the reasons for sale

There are always reasons for selling, so the consumer tries to avoid a substandard product. If the goods are actually damaged, you need to talk about them in detail.

4. Purchase photos

It's no secret that people buy with their eyes, so aboutQuality photographs need to be taken care of in advance. If things are sold on order, and the seller does not have his pictures, it is also not recommended to download similar photos via the Internet. It's better if there are real photos of him, even if they are stupid and ordinary. Here you should pay attention to the quality: the pictures should be light, neat, otherwise the customer will not be able to see the goods clearly.

5. Age of the audience

If the product or service is calculatedmainly on a young audience, you can add anything funny to the description. When the role of potential customers is an adult audience, it is recommended to give up humor and give special attention to describing the detailed characteristics.