Communication policy and its features

The communication policy of the enterprise is one of the most important marketing complexes. It has a complex structure, which consists of several elements. As a rule, they distinguish:

- sales promotion;

- advertising;

- personal sale;

- Public Relations.

Let's consider all separately.

Elements and strategies of marketing communications

Advertising is understood as the impact onconsumer, which is carried out purposefully and is used to promote any goods on the market. It is thanks to it that the consumer learns what the firm is ready to offer, about the quality or specificity of the goods and services it offers. The forms of advertising are different:

- radio;

- TV;

- ads and so on.

Communication policy requires a phaseddevelopment of an advertising program. First of all, specific tasks are set and goals are determined, then the budget is calculated, what kind of advertising will be, the schedules of advertising appeals will be established, specific media of information will be selected, and so on. After everything has been organized and compiled, it is produced. The final stage is the study of effectiveness, summing up.

The communication policy has also such element,as a sales promotion. Under this term means a set of measures associated with the provision of loans, discounts, the distribution of product samples, coupons, the conduct of lotteries and much more.

In this case, the emphasis is on designgoods, design of its boxes and so on. Stimulating sales is in fact the broadest sphere for which you simply need to have creative thinking.

Communication policy is also working withthe public. Of course, any organization should establish itself among the masses as best as possible. The negative attitude of consumers will not lead to anything good.

The enterprise should actively interact withpublic, establish certain connections, conduct propaganda, inform people about their specifics, achievements, innovations, successes and so on. It is also important to work with other organizations and state bodies.

Under personal (sometimes called personalsale) is understood as an individual, direct contact of salespeople and sales agents with consumers. Personal selling is often very effective and is a means of influencing the buyer. The fact is that, having established an individual contact, the seller can understand what exactly the potential buyer needs. A trader who can accurately guess this will achieve a lot. Also, personal sales are also effective because they give the opportunity to present the goods as well as possible. Hardly anyone will argue with the fact that it is better to receive information from the mouth of another person than from the TV screen or from the pages of newspapers.

It should also be noted that personal sales allowto save enough money, and at the same time to conduct market analysis. A sales agent is not just a salesman, he is also an investigator who understands that the success of a job depends largely on his understanding of the needs of the population.

The company explores each market individuallyand begins to plan a marketing mix for each of them. This complex is a set of factors that can be used to effectively influence a particular market entity. What factors are we talking about? It means the price, the product itself, the incentive system and so on.

Correctly chosen communication policy is one of the elements of its success. It should be specially prepared for this people. Unprofessionalism is unacceptable.