Lead is a feedback from a potential client

What is the main task of Internet marketing? Attract and interest as many potential customers as possible. It was for this purpose that a process was developed, such as the generation of leads. Let's consider together the ways and mechanisms through which an advertising page can generate a large number of leads.

Four key objects of lodogeneration

the lead is
Lead is a feedback from potentialclient, which can be in the form of registration on the site, downloading an application or placing an order. In order to correctly develop the process of lidogeneration, it is necessary to have the concept of four key objects:

  • Off. For the client it is necessary to create such an attractive offer that in order to get something, he himself will want to leave contact information.
  • A call to action, namely a bright button or a well-selected part of the text, clicking on which, the client will go to the desired (target) page.
  • The landing page is a thought-out and competently constructed advertising product. The desire to receive an offer should appear in the client immediately after viewing and reading the advertising post.
  • The task of the lead-form is to turn visitors' contacts into a lead.

Inbound marketing, the lead and art of getting it

lead generation
How to create a working offer for the client? Limited time and quantity offer always works well for getting leads. By indicating the number of people who have already downloaded the offer, you can increase the value of the offer. In addition, he must have a "sticky" name that would attract and hold attention. Exclude from the text of your off-site words such as unique, innovative, innovative. A sentence that does not contain hackneyed words and phrases, "clings" to customers. Lead is the answer to a proposal that is valuable to your audience. To understand which offer will be more meaningful for your customers, test your product. Whether it will be a webinar, various studies or mailing - be guided by the test results.

Create an attractive lead-form

marketing lead
The fewer fields are in the form, the morepotential customers will fill it. Lead is the sending of personal information, to which any person is very anxious. Therefore, replace the word "send" to "download for free" or "get now". In addition, make sure that the button with the call stands out with its contrast and attracts attention. Be sure to guarantee confidentiality, convince people that the information will be unavailable to third parties. Try not to stretch the lead-form, place the fields close to each other. The shorter and simpler the form, the higher the conversion.

Channels of lodogeneration

Lead is the response of the target audience toyour offer. What must be done to find it? Create a personal blog, a page in the popular social network, an official website, well works email-newsletter, SEO and SMS. Having created your lidogeneration channel, it is extremely important not to forget to update it and upload new and interesting information to your customers. Twice a week - the optimal refresh rate.