Marketer, profession. What the marketer does

In fact, a marketer is an interesting profession,which requires both a creative view of the situation, and an analytical mindset. Marketers are engaged in studying the market, buyers, trying to find out exactly which services and goods will be in demand by buyers. Based on the research conducted, new products are being developed, which are brought to the market by specialists. Quite interesting will be for people with an analytical mindset profession marketing. A description of it can be found on the website of any university engaged in the preparation of bachelors or specialists in marketing.

How did the profession of marketing

A marketer is a relatively young profession,appeared in the middle of the last century. At some point, enterprises became tight within the existing territory, where everyone who wanted to become a client of a particular company. The company's exit to the national or international level is not an easy task. So there was a need for specialists who could gather information and analyze the current economic situation in the regions, assess the purchasing power of the population.

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What is the work of a marketer

What does a marketer do? A marketing specialist works in several directions. Engaged in the search for free market niches, attractive for the company, displays products on the market, manages the life cycle of goods. In large companies, there are various specializations: an art manager, an analyst, a brand manager, a BTL manager, a marketing research specialist, a marketing director, an event manager, and others. Professionalism appears with experience in this field. Therefore, any marketer needs to engage in self-education: take part in forums, conferences, read specialized literature. Then the expert-marketer can be even more useful to the enterprise, and consequently, and rely on the appropriate payment of their labor.

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Consumers, it happens, get lost in the store whensee a showcase with a lot of similar products from different manufacturers. The selection process will be less difficult if the consumer knows any information about the brand, has friends feedback about the quality of the product, saw the advertisement. In this case, it is possible, even on the machine will be decided on the purchase of a particular product. The issues of product range and pricing are also dealt with by the marketer.

A marketer is a profession for freelancers too. They usually offer their consulting services or perform separate, one-time projects for customers. The main clients of freelancers are commercial organizations, advertising agencies, individual entrepreneurs, developers of start-ups.

Type of profession

A marketer whose profession is of the type"Man is a sign", links his work to sign information. This is all sorts of calculations, tests, tables, figures. Requires logical abilities, there must be an interest in working with information, the ability to concentrate should be present in the specialist in marketing, perseverance and developed attention, ability to operate with numbers. Also, the practice of the marketer will show that this work applies to the type "man-man", because it is connected with interaction and communication with people. Therefore, skills are required to establish and maintain business contacts and contacts, to be connoisseurs of human relationships, to show contact, sociability and activity. Refers to the class of heuristic profession "marketer". Its description is as follows: work is supposed to be connected with research, analysis, management of other people, control and planning. It requires a fairly high erudition, the desire for development, original thinking, constant learning.

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Official duties

The main goal of the marketer's work is satisfactionconsumers' needs with maximum benefit to the company. To do this, it is necessary to study and identify the unmet needs of a potential target audience, after - create a product that will maximally match its characteristics to the buyer.

What does a marketer do

  • Develops a set of measures to producegoods, services that find the market and the maximum possible demand. Interesting for outstanding people work. The marketer performs many tasks and works, both in the office and outside of it. Due to this there is no sense of routine and monotony.
  • Promoting harmonious development as a service sector,and production, if it has a place to be. Preparation of well-grounded proposals on the choice or change of the direction of development of the whole enterprise as a whole or any particular element of the marketing complex.
  • Participation in the development of the marketing policy of the enterprise, creating conditions for the planned sale of goods or services.
  • Forecast of sales volume and formation of consumer demand.
  • The study of the market for similar goods and services, analyzes demand and consumption, motivation, activity of competitors, market development trends.
  • Analysis of the competitive environment, taking into account the ongoing changes in the customs, tax, pricing policies of the state, competitiveness, speed of implementation and other factors.
  • Maintenance of efficiency of enterprise activity, growth of incomes and profit.

what the marketer does
Qualification requirements

To the applicant for the position of marketerThe employer is presented with a number of fairly strict requirements. Requires, as a rule, a completed higher education in the field of marketing, economics, sociology, information technology or statistics. This is a difficult, demanding work. Marketer must know the basics of statistics, have analytical skills, skills in working with special programs for collecting and processing information, large amounts of information. To the professional qualities of a marketer, recruitment specialists include communication skills, attentiveness, purposefulness, structural and analytical thinking, observation, initiative, good memory.

The marketer needs to be able to collect,process and analyze the information received. Sociologists do this very well. This includes collecting information about the market on the Internet, conducting focus groups, customer surveys, surveillance, testing of packaging or launching commercials, and more. The study of competitors can be carried out with the help of special technologies of market analysis, which economists are well versed in. To be a successful marketer, you need to have a special type of thinking. Someone calls this the philosophy of business. A commercial enterprise that sets itself the main task - satisfying the needs of consumers, realizes the marketing style of doing business. That's what the marketer in the company does.

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Remuneration of labor marketers

Data of Russian recruitment agencies indicatethat on average an aspiring specialist with little or no work experience earns between $ 300 and $ 500 a month, a marketer with an experience of between 500 and 2000, the head of the department can count on a salary of $ 1,500 to $ 5,000, and the marketing director-3000 - 10,000 dollars a month.

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Medical Contraindications

There are some medical restrictions forpeople who want to work as marketers. These are diseases of the nervous system, mental disorders, diseases of the cardiovascular system, violations of the functions of the musculoskeletal system.