"Vichy" from hair loss for women: testimonials. "Vichy" - capsules from hair loss

It is not always possible to find and install accuratecauses of hair thinning and hair loss. However, the fact that it is necessary to struggle with this trouble and to look for effective ways, nobody calls into question. It's hard to imagine that even in the last century people did not know anything about shampoo and replaced it with herbs, oils. Modern technologies provide the market with a huge variety of not only caring, but also medical cosmetics. The products of the company Vichy from hair loss for women, whose reviews are mainly a confirmation of the effectiveness and quality, are in great demand among buyers.

Vichy from hair loss for women reviews

The path to recognition

Vichy Cosmetics is one of the first companies in theideas of which health and beauty are a single concept. It was founded in 1931 in France. The decision of Dr. Prosper Adler and businessman Georges Guérin in the production of water from the thermal spring of Lucas near the French city of Vichy was the main difference between products from similar cosmetic products of other brands. Natural water contains over seventeen mineral salts and about thirteen useful trace elements.

Later there was a brand"Hygiene-Dermatological Society Vichy", which was bought by the well-known company "L'Oréal", which since 1955 made "Vichy" cosmetics exclusively as a chemist's brand, recognized throughout the world as environmentally friendly and highly effective.

Vichy from hair loss reviews

The formula for success

Means "Vichy" from hair loss promise theirbuyers not only luxury and preventive care, but also a curative effect. Toning, energy and restoring effect is achieved thanks to a special innovative formula.

The unique "aminexil" component developed in the course of many years of laboratory research contributes to the renewal of collagen in the tissues of the scalp and prevents its compaction.

Stress, improper diet and regimen, harmfulhabits, various diseases adversely affect women's beauty. Gradual hardening of collagen occurs, as a result of which the hair is squeezed at the root from all sides. Due to a violation of the flow of blood, he does not receive food and falls out. Thanks to aminexil, the effectiveness of which is manifested in both shampoo and Vichy capsules from hair loss for women (reviews confirm this), it became possible to slow the aging of cells and activate the growth of sleeping follicles even in bald areas of the head.

In addition, the vitamins PP, B5, B6 in the composition of the brand in question add to the head of vitality. Hairstyle becomes voluminous and beautiful.

Vichy against hair loss

Why do people choose Vichy?

Folk remedies and methods for the restoration andstrengthening the head of hear is not recognized by all modern women. Theoretically it sounds attractive: components of natural origin, the absence of harmful dyes, stabilizers and other chemicals, the possibility of conducting a session at home, low cost. However, the preparation of decoctions, masks and the procedure for their implementation in practice is a very troublesome occupation. In addition, the effect of waiting for them for months. Therefore, cosmetic and pharmaceutical preparations for the treatment of hair, which are fairly evenly distributed throughout the hair, without subsequent washing and drying, find more and more fans.

Safety of manufactured goods is an importantpriority of the company. The manufacturer claims that no product, including various "Vichy" products from hair loss for women (reviews about cosmetics, incidentally, are ambiguous), do not contain hormones in their composition.

vichy against hair loss reviews

Allopecia treatment

To combat alopecia (alopecia), bothlocal, and progressive, the development of the company "Vichy" - capsules from hair loss is used. Taking into account certain characteristics of the body, separate formulas have been developed for men and women. The results of their application are promising. The feedback of many people who have time to evaluate the products show that after three weeks, a smaller volume of hair loss is seen, as well as a healthier and shining look. Approximately in 6 weeks the guaranteed protection against loss of hair is provided. The miracle effect arises due to the elimination of the condensation of collagen in the radical region of the hair, the strengthening of the fixation of the stem and the stimulation of the growth of the bulbs.

What does Vichy offer us? Capsules from hair loss are convenient for use. Their contents are quickly absorbed. The substance does not weight the hair, does not contain artificial colors. It is recommended to apply the product three times a week and do not rinse. To achieve a lasting effect, treatment should be no less than two or three months. Cosmetologists recommend to repeat it every six months.

A small part of the review cautionsowners of dry hair type from the use of capsules. Some girls note that after treatment with this product there may be a tendency to dry hair.

Vichy Capsules from Hair Loss

Shampoo "Vichy" from hair loss. Reviews

Most women noted the expected effect ofapplication of the facility. They recommend for prevention and prolonged action in addition to capsules to wash the head with shampoo "Dercos" of the same brand. The product has undergone clinical trials, during which it has been revealed its almost 80% effectiveness in strengthening hair loss and improving their condition.

Mode of application

Applying therapeutic shampoo similar to the usualmeans - on damp hair. Then, lightly massaging the scalp, you need to hold it for a minute on your hair and then wash it off. Shampoo "Vichy" against hair loss is suitable for frequent use. And both men and women.

Vichy remedies for hair loss

"Neozhenik" - to activate growth

Scientists of the laboratory develop every yearmore and more perfect formulas of "Vichy" preparations against hair loss. The reviews show that another popular product of this French brand is Neozhenik, a means for activating growth with a patented molecule of stexoxidine. This revolutionary achievement of science imitates the conditions necessary for the operation of stem cells responsible for the formation of new hair. Stimoxidine "awakens" sleeping follicles, promotes the resumption of hair growth.

Do no harm

Proceeding from this main commandment, for anytreatment should carefully consider their decisions about the choice of means to restore thinning hair. Hair loss is often associated with disorders in the thyroid gland or other serious malfunctions in the body amid stress or stress. Perhaps, it is worth paying attention to the diet, get advice and pass examinations with doctors (trichologist, endocrinologist, nutritionist). Of course, in such cases, shampoo may not be able to cope with the problem of baldness.

Where can I buy?

Therapeutic products of the company "Vichy" are recommended to be purchased in pharmacies in order to avoid the risk of buying fakes or poor-quality goods.

When developing cosmetics andbrands are introduced technologies of scientific medicine. The company complies with the basic principles of the pharmacy, such as strict evaluation of the effectiveness of the drugs and providing patients with recommendations for the completion of treatment. In turn, the obligations of the company in question include conducting trainings to improve the professional level of pharmacy workers.

All these points are credible and helpTo make a choice in favor of means of "Vichy" from hair loss for women. Feedback from those who tried shampoos and drugs, show that, despite the high cost, the demand for these products is simply off scale. It is necessary only to have patience, as restoration of beautiful head of hair can take from 3 months to 6 months.