Heritage of the Ancient East: antimony for the eyes

On what only tricks did not go beautiesAncient East, Egypt, Greece and Rome, to emphasize the expressiveness of their eyes, to give a look to depth and magnetism, magical brilliance and expressive velvety! As cosmetics, they used what nature provided: plant juices, wood ash, some minerals. In particular popularity was antimony - it was used to make the paint for eyes and eyebrows. In fact, this was the first e-mail, which began to be used for more than three thousand years before our era.

Antimony for the eyes was part of a specialmeans for the care of eyelashes. As components, it also included lamb fat and almond oil, osma and basma, as well as antimony proper. A thin stick of wood was applied on the edge of the eyelashes. Thus, antimony for the eyes performed a decorative role and therapeutic.

And even in Russia far in the old days the dandies hadit is accepted to "sur", i.e. black eyebrows. This custom adopted Rusich from the Turks, as well as the word itself. After all, it was in the Turkic language that the "surme" meant "blackening the eyebrows".

And we are painted and treated!

antimony for eyes
The fact that antimony for the eyes is great fortreatment, modern cosmeticians do not forget, actively including it as one of the ingredients in mascara, shadows, pencils. Practically all the untwisted brands and young companies producing cosmetic and medical-cosmetic industry created whole lines of products using this raw material. For example, a powdery product, if you tint your eyes at night (as if you were applying a nourishing night cream for ages), removes redness and fatigue, improves vision, activates the growth of eyelashes. This antimony for the eyes strengthens the pigmentation of the iris of the pupil - the color becomes brighter, more saturated, and the look is more expressive. Use the powder can be a regular and quite a long time. And in the morning, "fighting paint" is easy to remove with soap, foam or any other means for washing.

natural cosmetics
To make a real make-up in oriental style(remember, like Cleopatra or, for example, Jadi from the series "Clone"), antimony on almond oil and basma perfectly suits. Natural Cosmetics in this case also perform a dual role: therapeutic and decorative. The texture resembles liquid shadows, soft and even, homogeneous. Thanks to almond oil, the skin of eyelids and eyebrows gets the proper nutrition and moisturizing, and the eyes themselves look more beautiful and beautiful. Basma also provides power to the eyelashes, making them thicker, accelerating growth. Make-up is obtained with a very effective means!

antimony for eyes reviews
Another wonderful cosmetic product -antimony in the form of a pencil on the basis of the same olive oil. This pencil is great for both day and evening make-up. The padding made by him does not spread, it rests remarkably on the skin and for a long time retains its pristine rich color. And the eyes get a moist expressive shine. In addition, the antimony pencil for eye reviews causes a positive as a curative. To this end, it can be fruitfully applied not only to ladies with a swarthy complexion, but also blondes. Removes the same residues from the skin with any cleanser.

And, finally, it is impossible not to mention such aa wonderful therapeutic product for the eyes, like antimony with camphor and plant extracts. It is designed to relieve fatigue symptoms and is useful especially to those people whose daily work is associated with a big load on the eyesight: teachers, intellectuals who spend a lot of time at the computer, etc. The therapeutic effect of antimony here is doubled thanks to an extract of Indian gooseberry, widely known for medicinal properties. Almond and camphor oil are soothing to the mucous membrane of the eyes. As a result, edemas are removed, dark circles grow shining under the eyes, redness disappears. The sight becomes more alive, the sight more clearly.

Truly, an amazing remedy was inherited from our ancestors!