How to remove gel-varnish from nails: ways

how to remove gel varnish
Recently, manicure is very commongel-varnish. Pluses: a lot: long keeps, gives beauty to nails, for a long time the nails do not change shape, do not get dirty. How to remove the usual nail polish, everyone knows. But how do they remove gel-lacquer, not many know. In fact, it is easily cleaned.

How to remove gel-lacquer correctly

If you do not already have a special tool forremoval of gel-varnish, it's time to buy it. It is sold in the same place, where all varnishes, tools for manicure. The name of the tool contains the word "Remover". Depending on the volume of the liquid, the price varies from 200 to 2000 rubles. The removal of the gel from the nails takes place in several stages and does not take much time:

  1. Wash hands with soap and dry.
  2. Divide the cotton wool discs so that it is convenient to wrap these fingertips with these slices.
  3. Abundantly moisten the cotton pad with a gel-removing agent, apply to the nail and wrap it tightly with foil. Repeat with all fingers.
  4. Leave for 10-15 minutes (depending on the brand and quality of the product), avoiding the opening of the foil.
  5. Expand the foil, gently remove the gel with an orange stick from each nail.
  6. Sand every nail with a polishing nail file.
  7. Cotton swab dipped in a disinfectant, thoroughly wipe each nail plate, removing the remnants of the gel.

After we were able to remove the gel-nail polish, we can treat the nails, cuticles and skin of the fingers with vitamin oil.

gel nail polish remove
How to remove the gel without a special tool

How to remove gel-lacquer with liquid, wefigured out. What if there is none? You can use the barbarous method, which will permanently damage your nails. In addition, he is very unpleasant. For this you need a nail file. She will have to remove the entire gel, which will be quite difficult. It is better to spend a little money on a gel remover, keeping your nerves and nails in good condition. Some girls note a positive result when using acetone instead of a special tool. However, it also worsens the condition of nails and skin.

Is there a difference in the distance between the gels

how to properly remove gel varnish

Yes there is. The Shellac gel is removed in the manner described above. The gel "Gelish" requires preliminary cutting, after which the residues are removed with the help of a gel-removing agent.

Advantages of means for removing gel-varnish

If health and beauty are very important to younails, you will acquire a special remedy and remove the gel in the same way as many girls take gel-lacquer. What is the superiority of the gel-removing fluid? First, it does not contain acetone, so it does not have a negative effect on the nails and the skin. Secondly, the means for removing the gel does not cause allergic reactions. Thirdly, it very effectively removes the gel when used correctly. Fourthly, it is quite simple to apply, even without having experience.

Now you know how to remove gel-varnish differentways. The choice of method is yours. But agree, beautiful and healthy nails are always in vogue. Much attention is paid to women's hands by men. Therefore, taking care of the nails should be as anxious as about your skin.