Beautiful make-up in brown tones for stylish babes

The eyes are the mirror of the soul. And that it speaks about your beauty, you can resort to small tricks. For example, emphasize it by applying makeup in brown tones. This kind of make-up will not only be appropriate in any situation and at any time of the day, but will also give an image of nobility and sophistication. The main thing in this business is to know some tricks and use cosmetics intelligently.

To whom does

The first and very fair question thatevery girl asks herself before going to make-up - will it look beautiful and appropriate? It's clear that the evening image will look ridiculous when going to the store, and the lack of make-up at the dinner party will only emphasize your careless attitude to the celebration. But even the absence of a sense of tact can spoil the whole impression of you as a person. A illiterate color combination.

make-up in brown tones

I must say that to all types of brownshades of this can not be attributed. Do not know what to choose a makeup for this or that image? Feel free to choose the shades of the coffee palette, skillfully diluting them with shades of melted milk. Make-up in brown tones is ideal for blue-eyed blondes and brown-eyed brunettes. And if you belong to that rare type that has green eyes, then do not be in a hurry to despair. Brown color in its various interpretations will suit you.

A couple of tips

Rejoicing in the appropriateness of the brown shadows,forget about some of the nuances. For example, not every shade will suit the tone of the skin. Therefore, before you acquire shadows, do not be too lazy to try them out first.

So, leaving in a reddish or red tintwill look vulgar and weakly appropriate in any situation. And too cold tones with a general warm skin color will give you a painful look. Therefore, to create a beautiful make-up of brown tones, you will need to try many different options and take into account several important factors. For example, the color appearance.

Influence of color-type

Choosing brown shadows is best based on their color. There are 4 of them:

  • autumn;
  • winter;
  • Spring;
  • summer.

Each of them is distinguished by features of color of skin and hair.

beautiful makeup brown tones
For example, warm shades are typical for autumnskin, lack of natural blush, a tendency to freckles and hair of golden hues. It is quite obvious that if you relate yourself to this color-type, then it's profitable to emphasize your eyes with bronze, honey, terracotta, peach and copper shadows. Despite the fact that a little bit above mentioned the inappropriateness of the tawny tints, in this case they will look good, giving the image an opulence.

The color-type "winter" is distinguished by the contrast of the skin andhair. Usually, such owners have light eyes, pale, porcelain skin and dark, sometimes even black resinous hair. Therefore, the use of warm shades in makeup will be inappropriate. Thus, you not only give yourself a painful look, but also will look ridiculous. Choose the coolest shade colors. For example, brown, bordering with black or beige-gray shades. Do not hesitate to emphasize your eyes and dark eyeliner.

make-up in brown tones step by step

The most rare color-type is spring. Its owners can boast a soft peach skin tone, freckles, blonde hair of straw and red hues. Eyes are only light, usually green or gray in color. Not surprisingly, girls of this type of appearance are ideally suited for dairy, mustard, honey and peach shades. The main principle is lightness of textures. The more transparent and weightless the coating is, the easier it will be for you to emphasize the natural beauty. That is why gentle makeup in brown tones is most appropriate for spring girls.

And the most common color-type becomessummer. Summer girls are not very pronounced, muted shades of both hair and skin. The skin is grayish-beige, and the hair contains ashy notes. That is why almost all shades of brown are appropriate for them. However, preferences should still be given to cold semitones or by the fact that they wear a grayish shade.

Combining shades correctly

If you already absolutely decided that makeup inbrown tones - this is for you, and even decided on the color, do not rush to run to the store for a new pallets. Not all shades of the same color blend well with each other. And this is worth remembering.

For example, do not interfere with warm and cold shades. If you have chosen as the base color - honey, then gray-brown is unlikely to be combined with it. The choice should be made in favor of bronze.

evening make-up in brown tones

Also, do not add all the shades of red to the brown one. Eyes immediately get tired, and the whole image will turn out to be ridiculous.

Forget the total brown color throughoutface. Makeup in brown tones does not necessarily mean the use of lipstick and blush of the same shade. Furthermore. It will look like a reference to the 2000's with its magnificence of intricate shades of lips. Limit yourself to one thing - it's a hint of shadows.

Preparing for make-up

Presence of various means of decorative cosmetics- this is only a small step on the road to creating competent make-up. It starts with cleansing and moisturizing the skin. And only after that it will be possible to apply a base for make-up. Do not confuse it with a tonal base. The first is for the tone to lie flat, and the second - to make it perfect.

Makeup in brown tones step by step

So, you have decided on the color-type, you learned which shades are best not to be combined together, prepared the face skin for applying make-up and are ready to proceed to the most responsible step.

Here, however, it is also worth making a reservation. Evening make-up in brown tones and diurnal slightly different from each other, so we'll look at each individually.

gentle makeup in brown tones

Day makeup

For a day's make-up sufficient to equalizetone and apply a little peach blush on the cheekbones. It is not difficult to do this. Draw a little cheek and draw with a broad brush on the hollow. On the convex part, gently pink rouge will look good. Now go to the makeup of the eyes.

  1. Put on the mobile eyelid the lightest tone. Let in our case it be a beige shade
  2. Apply the outer corner of the eye with shades of a shade of milk chocolate. Leave a little behind the edges, as if stretching the eyelid.
  3. Add another shade of coffee and milk to the middle of the rolling age.
  4. Gather the whole image, shading the shadows, creating smooth transitions between the colors.
  5. Decorate your eyelashes with brown mascara, and a light everyday make-up is ready.

evening make-up

Do you want to create make-up for the evening? Act on the same principle, only colors can be taken brighter and nobler. For example, a shade of champagne, bitter chocolate and milk chocolate. Rastuchuyte them on a principle from the darkest to light, but not from the inner corner of the eye to the outer, and in the direction from the line of growth of the eyelashes to the percutaneous fold. Supplement the image with a light line of eyeliner and lush black-and-black eyelashes.

And if you still do not have ideas, how make-up should look in brown tones, photos will always come to the rescue.

make-up in brown tones photo


Creating your own unique image, do not forget aboutthe basic principles of applying makeup and the combination of shades. Following these simple tips, you will not only always look great, but also please those around you with impeccable taste.