Fashionable short female hairstyles: photo

Many girls prefer shortfemale hairstyles. It seems that it is easier to cope with short hair, but this is misleading. After all, long and medium hair will look good, even if they just brush and dissolve. However, short female hairstyles often require styling. Another drawback of hairstyles from short hair is that they require regular renewal, because the hair grows quickly and the hair looks untidy. At the same time, short hair has much more advantages than disadvantages.

Advantages of this type of hairstyle

The main advantages of wearing short hair:

  1. In the warm season with this length of hair is not hot.
  2. There are no split ends, as the hairstyle is renewed all the time.
  3. Shortened versions require less expenditure on salon treatments than long and medium hair.
  4. You can easily change the style of styling and each time to look different, as there are a lot of different fashionable female hairstyles for short hair.

Images for every day

One of the simplest and easiest everydaystyling - a "disheveled" hairstyle. How to make? On wet hair you need to apply foam or light gel, after which slightly to dishevel the hair, so that they have acquired a careless appearance. When the hair is completely dry, you need to slightly ruffle it again and fix it in places where it is necessary. After they take the desired form, fix the hairdo with a varnish. Done!

Christine Stewart

One of the most fashionable female hairstyles onshort hair is a shaving part of the hair. Most often shave a certain pattern at the temple or in the neck. The remaining hair is combed on one side. Originality will add light curls to the remaining hair. For a change, you can make a careless bunch or braid braids.

Shaving of part of hair

Unusual hairstyle for short hairis a bundle in the bang zone, like the one used to tie a kerchief before. The main thing is to make the beam smooth. In order to make this hairstyle, you need to collect hair in the bang zone into a neat bundle and lock it with invisible ones. Then apply the fixative.

Another version of hairstyles for short haircan be texturing hair. Such laying is created with the help of a curling iron. It is necessary to slightly curl individual strands and fix them with a gel or varnish.

The image in the style of a boho

To create such a hairstyle you need to windseparate strands with a curling iron (preferably make small curls) and fix them with varnish. For a change, you can use a thin bandage, which you can make yourself or buy in the store. Such a detail will definitely emphasize the style of the Boho. A photo of a fashionable female hairstyle for short hair in Boho style is further in the article.

Hairstyle Boho

Loving originality

For bold girls there are several eccentric options:

  • Iroquois. This hairstyle is suitable for girls who adhere to a rough style. How to make? Scratch the bangs up and fix it so that it "stands". Remaining hair should also be raised in the same position and fixed. As an alternative, the remaining hair, located on the sides, can be gathered from behind, fixed with invisibility, plaited into the tail or make a small bundle. The Iroquois hair style for short hair is presented in the photo.
  • Iroquois with shaving. The most daring girls shave their hair on the sides, leaving only the middle. Of the remaining hair, Iroquois are made, which is firmly fixed with a gel. This hairstyle always looks very defiant and stylish.
Miley Cyrus

Elegant hairstyles for short hair

For those who want to look more elegant, there are also several alternative options for everyday styling:

Smooth hairstyle
  1. Perfect smooth hair. The essence of such a hairstyle is in styling the hair in such a way that no hair protrudes. To create a hairstyle you need to stock up a good gel for fixing and comb. To create a smooth hairstyle, you need to apply a gel on the clean and pre-combed hair and comb the front part of the hair back, the rear one should be smoothly laid down. Make sure that the hair does not stick out. For a change, you can change the direction of laying, for example, you can divide your hair evenly or obliquely and comb your hair not back, but in different directions. A photo of a fashionable female hairstyle for short hair is presented above.
  2. "Waves". This hairstyle consists of elegant large waves. To create it, you need a large plaque, a styling aid, a varnish and a comb. It is necessary, after applying the means for styling, to make light waves along the entire length of the hair, since the length is not large, then the waves will not be long. After creating waves, you need to comb your hair once and fix it with lacquer.
  3. "Mini tail". This hairstyle does not represent a classic tail. To create it, you have to put the front hair from the bang zone back, making hair combs to give more volume. The laid out part needs to be fixed with invisible objects, thus a mini tail is obtained. The remaining hair should be wound with a curling iron or gently laid.

Hairstyles with braids

If the length of the hair allows, then you can createa lot of short female hairpins with pigtails. Because braid is very much, for example, the most popular are: the French reverse, spikelets, classic pigtails, braids from bundles. The lightest and most beautiful hairstyles with pigtails:

  • Hairstyle from the reverse French braids. You need to braid the two reverse French braids and fasten them to the end with elastic bands.

How to weave the French braid on the contrary?

  1. Starting with the hair located near the frontal part, take a small part and divide it into three strands.
  2. Take the left strand and place it under the central diagonal (now it is central).
  3. Next, take the right strand and place it under the central strand diagonally (now it is central).
  4. Then follow the analogy, each time grabbing extra hair. By the end all the hair should be woven.
  5. Next, you should slightly pull out the last strands along the entire braid to give a fluffy hairstyle.

You can brace both one and several reverseFrench braids. This type of braid looks very beautiful on any length of hair, always giving volume to the hair. You can also braid other types of braids, such as spikelets. A photo of a female hairstyle for short hair from reverse French braids is presented.

French braids
  • Many hairstyles are created with weave braids fromharnesses. The tourniquet is a twisted strand of hair. Hairstyle "romantic wreath". To create it, divide the hair into two parts. On the right side, take one strand (the nearest one to the parting) and make a tourniquet out of it. It must be done in such a way that after one twisting add extra hair. After the tourniquet is finished, secure it with a hair clip. Screw the same on the other side. After that, creak two bundles of elastic band, hair clip or invisible. The outstretched strands give a more romantic look.
  • You can also use the usual classicalpigtails. For example, the bezel is beautiful. In order to do it, you need to divide the hair into two parts with a smooth parting. After that, from each side, braid a small braid (you can also large, at your discretion) and connect them from behind with invisibility, elastic or hair clip.
  • One of the easiest variants of female hairstyles for short hair from braids is the fish tail. With the use of such a braid, you can make different variants of hairstyles, if the length of the hair is not less than 15 cm.

Technique of weaving fish tail

  1. Divide the hair into two parts.
  2. Begin the weaving from the frontal part of the head.
  3. From the edge of the right side, separate the small strand and move it to the left side.
  4. From the edge of the left side, separate the small strand and move it to the right side.
  5. Similarly, continue to weave the braid and at the end fix it with an elastic band.
  6. To make the volume slightly stretch the extreme strands along the entire braid.

Festive hairstyles for short hair

Laying in the form of light waves also enjoysvery popular, because it looks very elegant and festive. Such waves can be easily done at home, for this you need to braid the pigtails to a thickness of 2 cm and heat them with an iron for straightening the hair. When the hair is cool, you need to untwist the braids. After such a procedure, light waves will appear, which need to be fixed with a varnish. It is also nice to lay with a conventional curling iron.

Retro style

Hairstyle in retro style - one of the mostelegant, due to what is very popular. There are many ways to make a retro hairstyle, but the most popular are the "Hollywood waves" and "Marseilles waves." Marseilles waves look like a sequence of "crest-hollow", they can be made cold (using clamps) or hot (using forceps) method. For hair of a small length, the cold method is more suitable:

  1. Divide the hair into two unequal parts with a side cut and from one ear to the other, make another horizontal parting.
  2. Fasten the two back parts of the hair with a hair clip, leaving only the two front ones (from which you will make waves).
  3. Apply the two front parts of the gel and evenly distribute it along the entire length using a thin crest with small denticles.
  4. Stacking. Step back 1 cm from the suction and, using the comb, make the first bend and fix it with a hair clip.
  5. Each subsequent wave is fixed with a clamp onsides and in the middle, making the distance between the waves 1-2 cm. Consider that the gel dries out quickly enough, so do it quickly, and you can also apply the gel to the clamps themselves.
  6. Do the same with the other party. The back of the hair is gathered in a bundle and the ends of the waves wrap around it, carefully fixing the invisible.
  7. Wait until the hair has dried (it will take a long time), then remove all the clips. Put out your hair with gel.

Women's hairstyle in retro style usedpopularity always, because they look beautiful and elegant. Short female hairstyles with a photo (2018), with a retro style styling, the reader can see in the article.

Elegant hairstyle

How to make beautiful curls with a curling iron?

  1. Divide all the hair into two equal parts with a horizontal parting.
  2. Curl must begin with the lower hair, so fix the upper part of the barrette, so it does not interfere.
  3. Start in turns to wind the strands in one direction (the ends leave).
  4. After the lower part is ready, proceed to the upper half. The upper part must be curled from the face, ie, the right side is curved to the right, and the left part to the left.
  5. When all the strands are ready, carefully divide them into smaller curls (but not the comb, and hands!).
  6. Fix the hairstyle with lacquer.
  7. A festive look will give a variety of decorations.

The most popular evening hairstyle - for oneside. To create it, you need to curl your hair and put it on one side. In order to keep the hairstyle, it must be fixed with pins and fixing means. This hairstyle should preferably be done in the salon, but if trained, then at home it will not be worse. To give a festive look, different hair ornaments and flowers are used. A photo of a female hairstyle for short hair with an evening dressing on one side is presented below.

Hairstyle on one side

No less winning will look a hairstyle with curls, wound from below. For greater elegance, the hair is neatly combed back and made lightly to give volume.

Curling at the ends

Instead of concluding

Hairstyles for owners of short hair verya lot, most importantly, do not be lazy and make yourself beautiful styling. After all, people always pay attention to the appearance of a person. So stock up on the necessary "gear" and master the above hairstyles to be the most beautiful and unique!