What is carbling hair?

Recently, beauty salons are expandingthe number of services that can provide attractiveness. So, for example, already many good hairdressers offer ladies to make carling hair. There is another name for this procedure - carving.

carbing hair

origin of name

"Carving" is a word borrowed fromEnglish, which in exact translation means "carved figure, carving, carved ornament". Masters of beauty salons use this word in a slightly different interpretation. However, it should be borne in mind that carving is given a completely different meaning in Russian and foreign salons. So, for example, if you ask to do it in America, then you will cut off some of the hair and choose any pattern that you want. In Russia, carbling hair means a kind of perm.

The emergence of the procedure

Relatively recently, Schwarzkopf waspatented the word "carling". It was used to designate the long-term way of laying, developed by this company. Carling hair was done with a twisted curler and a special solution (it is more sparing compared to the composition that is used for curling). Since that time in many salons such long-term packing began to be made. At the same time, depending on the preferences and hair structure of the clients, the masters began to use hair curlers, different in size and shape (thick and thin, "boomerangs", "rollers", etc.).

How laying is done

carling for short hair
It is best to do carling for short hair or for strands of medium length. The styling lasts from 4 to 12 weeks. It all depends on the structure of the hair and the means used in their processing.

The duration of the procedure isapproximately 1.5 hours. The hair is wound on the curlers the client has chosen. After that, the hairdresser applies a special composition and leaves it for a while. How much the solution should be kept depends on the properties of the hair, and also on how long the styling is necessary. After the allotted time, the curls are washed and dried. The procedure is over. You can admire the mirror with your delightful curls.

It should be noted that by making carling on mediumhair, the girl should use special shampoos and conditioners, designed for textured curls. Dry them naturally. In this case, the stacking effect will remain as long as possible.

Distinctive features of carving

carling for medium hair
The main advantage of carlinghair, is that it is less harmful compared to a chemical wave, because the solution does not contain glycolic acid. That's why this procedure can be repeated after 2-3 months, while it is undesirable to do the curling more often once a year.

Another plus of carving is that the hairyou can give smoothness, if the initial styling will bother you. To do this, it is necessary to pull the newly washed hair, drying them with a hair dryer. You can also give a "wet effect" to your hair. It is only necessary to apply a special remedy (gel or mousse) and periodically crinkle the hair, giving them the ability to dry naturally.