And you know how to weave "French waterfall"?

Hairstyles based on the braid wereare known and ubiquitous in Ancient Greece. However, after the passage of time the weaving became more complicated, its variety changed, different variants appeared, so that each woman could choose something for her hair length and structure. Now, however, as always, before any solemn event, be it a wedding or an ordinary party, the girls dream of an amazing, beautiful and unusual hairstyle. Fashionable hair stylists believe that this year's trend is the French Waterfall. It's not just a scythe, but an exquisite wickerwork, which results in real masterpieces. When they are created, the technique of openwork weaving is used, which is achieved by artfully stretched hair strands. Hairstyle "French waterfall" looks appropriate at any event - it is impeccable. With it, your image will become more refined and aristocratic.

The French Waterfall. Photo hairstyles

In the photographs below, you can consider in all its glory the masterpieces of this weaving.

french waterfall pictures


How to weave the "French Falls"? Such a hairstyle can cover the entire head, as well as be one-sided or two-sided. Wash, dry and comb your hair well. This is important for creating a neat hairstyle. So, to begin with, take a thin hair straight from the side, the left or right side - has absolutely no value, if only it would be convenient for you.

french waterfall
If you have a bang, it's also possibleuse, although many girls prefer to leave it untouched for styling. Again, this is a matter of taste. The hair strand you selected should be divided into three parts and begin to braid the ordinary braid. While everything is simple. Having reached the ear, cross the middle and right strands between each other, and for the third, take the free part of the hair from above. Weave a curl in your braid. Extra prjadku with which you wove the initial composition, let down. This will be the first part of the cascade. Again make a few interlaces and take a free curl, and once again release. Thus, the result is as follows: as soon as the right strand is below, you release it, taking in return some of the free hair. When you reach the middle of the head or the end of its circumference, gently fix the end of your braid.

Hairstyle "French waterfall". Types and accessories

To make your image even largerfemininity and romance use the following tips. The spit "French Waterfall" looks very impressive in combination with an open dress, sarafan or even top. If you are going on a date, then a note of vulnerability will give you a volume in your hair. For this, before weaving "French waterfall", you should wind hair on curling iron or curlers. Lightly brush each resulting curl to create additional volume. To make your hair look very gentle, use additional accessories. The key solution in this case can be a ribbon in tone alongside or an elegant bow-knot.

how to weave a French waterfall
If you decide to attend an evening event, thenhair should be left straight. And your elegant image can complete a vintage hair clip with a flicker effect. It may contain stones or rhinestones. If this is a wedding hairstyle, then as an ornament you can use live or artificial flowers or feathers.